Saturday, January 29, 2011

And how I saved my sanity

It may not look like much: this little brown donut necklace. But it may be the best $6 I've ever spent.

After Little Spaghetti's newest obsession with my eyelashes, I knew I had to do something to distract his little wandering fingers. Enter the "nursing necklace."

This isn't an "official" nursing necklace, if there is such a thing (plenty of online shops will tell you there is). This is a DIY version thrown together in desperation.

It went something like this:

Me, lying in bed, thinking: "I should order one of those necklaces my friend recommended, the nursing necklaces."
* Poke, poke*: Little Spaghetti jabbing me in the eye.
Me, in my head: "But it could take WEEKS to get here. WEEKS!"
*Scratch*: Little Spaghetti prying open my eyelid.
Me, again: "I don't have weeks! I don't know if I even have hours. I will solve this problem tomorrow."

So I visited a little place called the Bead Shop. The nice young man (ok, he was a teenager) at the counter asked me politely if I needed help.

"I need something big enough that my child can't easily swallow and choke on it if he happens to get his hands on it. And I need something really strong to string it on."

"May I ask what it's for?" he asked. Boy, I think he regretted that decision after he heard my answer.

"Well, when I'm trying to sleep or breastfeeding my son, he yanks on my hair incessantly. And I can't take it anymore!" Just the mention of anything having to do with my breasts made him turn ten shades of red.

He hesitated. Finally he stuttered, "well, I'm...I'm just not sure I'm qualified to tell you what would be safe for your child. I'm not sure I can recommend anything. Maybe you should get a haircut?"

Thank, buddy. No really, thanks. I haven't thought of that or even actually ALREADY DONE THAT.

Anyway, I browsed around and found this lovely stone donut (natural with no varnish or clear coat, to boot!) and a pretty strong natural fiber cord to put it on.

The proof is in the pudding, folks! Success looks like this:


  1. Had to come over and read the solution! This story cracks me up, I can totally see the awkward teenager! lol Glad you found a great solution! :D

  2. Thanks so much, and glad you enjoyed the story! I look forward to reading your blog!