Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Shayna's Treats (lots of photos!)

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win an online giveaway.  My prize: a wonderful set of felt veggies made by a very talented WAHM.  You can check her out at Shayna’s Treats (on facebook or etsy).  I cannot say enough great things about Shayna and her products, and it’s no surprise Little Spaghetti is enjoying his new toys.  These photos speak for themselves!


The veggies are cuter than I could have imagined (and I never thought you'd catch me calling a veggie cute!)  They are very well made with great attention to details. I love that they're nice and squishy; I also love that they're a safe and healthy toy for Little Spaghetti to play with. 

And Shayna was an absolute joy to work with.  I actually won a set of felt pancakes, but when I emailed Shayna, I complimented her on her veggies.  She responded that she’d be happy to send me the veggies if I wanted, and I was thrilled (though the pancakes are adorable, too). 

I’d been wanting a set of felt veggies so I could start teaching Little Spaghetti their names in preparation for the garden I plan to plant this summer.  Now I know where I will be ordering anything I need to complete the set (and I’m already making a list!)  Not to mention that I don’t know how much longer I can resist a set of dryer balls.  Shayna makes some super clever Magic 8 Dryer Balls – ask her about them!

All in all: highly recommended!  Thanks again, Shayna!

And, of course, a few more pictures never hurt:
 This face cracked me up! And the carrot's awesome, too!
 You can see all the veggies here: lettuce, eggplant, carrot, and cucumber.

The eggplant seems to be his favorite.
Even the dog couldn't help but check out the veggies!


  1. I love felt food!! My mom bought the ones they have at IKEA for my daughter and she loves it. I'll have to check out Etsy. Those look super cute.

  2. Thanks! They are awesome! I have been wanting to check out Ikea's toys...if only we lived closer to one!