Monday, February 7, 2011

Things to know before marrying an engineer

Mr. Spaghetti and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday due to the availability of our favorite babysitter: Grandma. And because, while I appreciate the sentiment of Valentine's Day, I appreciate that sentiment any day of the year and don't particularly care about when we celebrate it.

We went out for a lovely sushi dinner, and there's nothing like a good beer with sushi. I ordered a vanilla porter they were featuring. When it came, we got to talking about beers, and Guinness - one of my husband's favorite beers - came up.

He said to me, "The thing most people don't understand is that the specific gravity of Guiness is lower than most other beers, so even though it's a dark beer, it isn't heavy when you drink it."

My response was, "really, you know the specific gravity of Guiness?" My thought was, "I really did marry an engineer, didn't I? I should have known what I was getting myself into."

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