Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Losing My Shoes for Easter

With all the party preparations I've been doing lately, I've been completely neglecting Easter.  My decorations aren't even out, yet.  I'm starting to see sock monkeys in my sleep, though.  Ah well, after this weekend, I will get myself together!

My first memory of Easter is when I was about four years old.  We lived in a little town in the mountains, and we weren’t surprised to find the ground covered with snow when we woke up Easter morning.  

I have two sisters, and I’m the middle child.  We all got dressed in our pretty little white lace dresses.  My mom brushed our hair, and put on our big-rimmed bonnets.   We picked up our Easter baskets: my older sister’s purple, my younger sister’s pink, and mine green because we couldn’t find a yellow one, which was my favorite color.  Then we put on our little white dress shoes.  Mine were hand-me-downs from my sister, and they were a little bit too big.  But I loved dressing up for Easter, so I didn’t care that they’d slide around a little. 

We went to church, and after church there was an Easter Egg Hunt.  I’d been looking forward to this Easter Egg Hunt for weeks: the frenzy, the searching, finding little treasures inside those beautiful pastel eggs.   I was antsy all through the service thinking about it.

The hunt was done in stages, based on age.  Youngest kids first to find the easiest eggs, and older kids last to find the ones that were really hidden.   I was in one of the first groups to go, and before me stretched a snow-covered field dotted with pink, orange, green, yellow, and blue eggs.  I couldn’t wait for the whistle.

“Tweeeeeet,” it finally came!  I was off and into the snow.  And then.  I was stopped.  I watched the kids all running around me, gathering up eggs and filling their baskets, but I couldn’t move.  My slightly-too-big shoes had popped off.  One.  Two.  The first two steps I’d taken in the snow.  And I was standing there in my stocking feet, freezing my little toes off, trying to find my lost shoes, and missing the entire hunt.  

My mom soon came to my rescue, but by the time my shoes were back on, the Easter Egg Hunt was over, and it was time for the next round of kids to have a turn.  I cried. 

My older sister’s turn came, and she ran around, collecting up eggs.  When she got done, my mom – like any good mom – told her she had to share with me and my younger sister (who was too young to participate).  We each got to pick a few eggs out of her basket for ourselves. 

This would have been all well and good, except that inside one of the eggs my little sister picked out, she got a paper with a number instead of jelly beans or chocolates.  The paper meant she’d won a special prize: one of the candy baskets that had been donated by the Hallmark store in town.  My mom went with her to pick it up.  When they brought it back, it was the biggest, most colorful candy display I’d ever seen in my life.  Talk about salt in my wounds.  I cried harder.

Of course, we all shared the chocolates, but they weren’t mine.  My older sister had a whole basket of eggs she’d earned herself. My little sister had more candy than she could ever eat.  And I had a measly three eggs and some candy donated to me out of pity by my parents.  

But you know what my favorite part of Easter is?  Easter Egg Hunts.  And white party dresses.  And slightly-too-big, hand-me-down shoes.  It’s the traditions that make a family.  I may not have appreciated it at four years old, but now, as a  mother myself, I know that.  

I’m looking forward to Little Spaghetti’s first Easter, and I hope I can make his Easters as special as mine were.  Maybe without the feet in the snow part.  I hope all of his holidays are filled with love and family, wonder and a little bit of magic.

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  1. I loved in Elementary school we would decorate easter hats...then we would parade in our hats... I think I want to start that tradition at home..lol...make everyone parade in their easter hats.

  2. @Adriana: That's a cute one! I hope you take pictures if you do!

  3. I always love your posts!
    for our easters we would always wake up to easter eggs hidden all over the house and in the backyard. and at Grandma's house we would always get a Kinder Surprise {miss those, there banned in the US of A there a canadian easter candy..} easter was always fun!

  4. Our little one's first holidays are always so special! I'm sure you'll make it a wonderful day for him!

    I always loved Easter egg hunting when I was a kid!

  5. Too cute! I honestly don't remember hunts when I was a kid, but my uncle started hiding eggs for my daughter when she was the only kid. I can't wait until all of the babies get a bit older and can join her!

  6. @ Jenae: I think I saw those Kinder Surprises when we were in France one year! How fun!

    @Megan: I enjoy holidays even more now that I have a kid to share them with.

  7. Easter Egg Hunts are so much fun! I don't trust myself in a white dress though.

  8. Haha! So true. I won't be able to wear white for years now. Even if I could keep it clean, my baby will mess it up for me.


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