Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Wrapup!

I'll start off with the failure of the weekend.  This cheesecake:

To be fair, though, the failure wasn't really mine.  Mr. Spaghetti's birthday was last week, and he asked me to make him a cheesecake for Sunday.  So, I stayed up late making said cheesecake Saturday night, thinking it would sit in the fridge overnight and be perfect the next afternoon.  After we got into bed Saturday night, I remembered I'd left the cheesecake sitting on the counter.

"Will you go put the cheesecake away for me?" I asked my husband. "Put it in a paper bag instead of wrapping it in plastic so that the water doesn't condense on top of it."

The next morning, I go into my kitchen, and what do I see?  A paper bag sitting on the counter.  Inside?  A cheesecake.

"Has this cheesecake been out all night?!?"  I asked.

"Yeah.  You told me to put it in a paper bag, so I did."

Apparently, I needed to be more specific: that I wanted the cheesecake in the bag, and the bag in the fridge.  Silly me, I thought everyone knew that cheesecake had to be refrigerated!

Anyway, the picture above was the result after I scooped the warm cheesecake out of the pan.  I made a new one, though.  Good wife that I am. 

Now for the better parts of the weekend:
We found this little Yorkie wandering our neighborhood.  I opened the door of the car to see if she had a tag with an address, and she hopped right in and sat on my lap.  Luckily, she did have a tag and was returned home after just a few hours.  Little Spaghetti was intrigued by her while she was with us though.  Our own Noodle Dog (the black, dejected-looking one  in the back) was not *entirely* thrilled, but I think she enjoyed the company, too.
Little Spaghetti also learned two new tricks this weekend.  He learned how to turn on the faucet.  And I think he enjoyed sitting in the sink and getting sopping wet as a result.

He also got brave and let Noodle Dog eat out of his hand.

We finished off the weekend with a super stylish hairdo...

...and ended up with a thoroughly exhausted baby!  All in all, a pretty good weekend.

How about you?  How was your weekend?


  1. Aww! So cute, your boy & the dog. And the cheesecake-totally something my husband would do! I had to be admitted to the hospital for preterm labor and told him to get me jammy pants and fuzzy socks. And that is ALL he brought. He got a whole bag for himself-toiletries, underwear, etc. I was like ummm, didn't you think I would want the same? LOL

  2. LOL@Cake but the kids are adorable.

  3. @ Katy - that totally makes me laugh! It's amazing how dense husbands can be, sometimes!

    @Adriana: thanks!

  4. such a Fun weekend! and the cake! too funny, you do have to be pretty specific with those husbands! your little guy is so adorable!
    Have a great Monday!

  5. Silly husbands. E loves to hand feed the dogs too. It is one of her favorite past times.

  6. Cleaning Sat and crazy Sunday ( And my hubby of course has done something similar!

  7. @Jenae: Thanks!

    @Jessica: It's so cute to watch babies interact with dogs! I love it.

    @Sara: Busy weekend for you guys! I am totally the same way about cleaning my house!

  8. Your poor cheesecake! Sometimes you wonder what men are thinking (or not).

  9. He's so cute! I love the stylish do.

  10. It was pretty good. Spaghetti is a super cutie!

    I'm a new follower from the Tailspin blog hop. I'd so love for you to follow me back!

  11. @Unglamourous: it will rest in peace!

    @K and Heather: Thank you! I like him!

  12. When I was in my 20's my husband and I had a medium sized (male) dog that got a Yorkie pregnant and brought her home. Boys! LOL Obviously the Yorkie had to have a c-section... but they grew old together. The Yorkie ended up being a personal seeing-eye dog for the male after he became blind due to cataracts. They were a "loving couple" forever.

    Your weekend reminded me of that event in my life. Thank you for the good memories!


  13. hahaha cheesecake ~

    btw, little spaghetti is so CUTE ~

    YuL hm

  14. @Toqua - how cute! It's amazing seeing the bonds animals develop, isn't it? Thanks for sharing :)

    @YuL - thank you :) and welcome!