Thursday, March 24, 2011

What's with the sleep crawling?

Oh sleep...Why must we have such a tortured relationship?  Why can't we be friends like we used to be?

Sleep and I haven't been getting along for the past...year or so.  It seems to have had something to do with the birth of a certain little guy, but I'm not looking to point fingers today. 

Today I'm mourning the loss of the little bit of sleep I had been getting.  It's. officially. gone.

Recently, Little Spaghetti has started doing this *darling* new thing in his sleep: crawling, climbing, and clawing his way around the bed at night. Yes, we co-sleep.  For now at least.  Until we night wean.  (Stay tuned: night-weaning is scheduled for April 15!)

The hatred of beautiful, soft (expensive) sheets was tough to swallow, my extreme paranoia of SIDS was a challenge, the nursing ALL NIGHT LONG has been brutal, but I'm at a total loss for what to do now.

He just his sleep.  His eyes aren't open.  He's not really awake, though he does make some whining sounds.  He crawls up in between the pillows, which isn't so bad.  He crawls toward the side of the bed, which causes me to worry (and not sleep, wouldn't you know?).  He crawls straight into the bed posts and bangs his head.  And my personal favorite, he crawls on top of my head.

I try to just gently move him back into place or cuddle him next to me, but to no avail.  He flails like a mad man until he has regained his freedom (and this from a kid who loved being swaddled until he was almost six months old!).

Am I destined to be forever sleep-deprived?  Will I ever regain my sanity?  Will this child ever learn to sleep like a normal child?  Any words of wisdom?  Tips or tricks?  Strong martinis to pass my way?


  1. W still sleeps with us..we put him in his bed at bedtime but somehow in the middle of the night he finds his way to our bed and crawls right in..I get a few kicks to the head every once in a while. tips and tricks? Im not much help in that area my two boys never tried crawling out of there crib. Good luck though!

  2. I know the feeling for sure!!! I still co-sleep with my little man and were shooting to stop it this summer, along with potty training! This should be one wild summer!!!!
    You will get sleep again, I promise!!!

  3. we co sleep too! I never thought we would, but having a preemie changed all that! Following from the hop!

  4. Hi there! I'm your newest follower. I found you on the blog hop:) Lovely blog! You can find me at

  5. Maybe you could Velcro him in place? Hehe. That might work... It's amazing what lack of sleep does to you!

  6. I'm your newest follower :D

  7. I stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hi!

    Oh dear. I don't have any advice about the night crawling. I too, cosleep with my little one, and would love to transition her to her own bed...but. We still nurse and this and that and the other, but all I know is I'm SO ready for a full night of sleep. Wait. What is that?

  8. @Jenae and Tiff: glad to have some fellow cosleepers here.

    @Savannah: good luck! At least you have a plan. And thanks for the reassurance that there is hope!

    @Hannah and Opal: Welcome and I look forward to reading your blogs!

    @Unglamourous: I never thought of velcro! I have thought about busting out the swaddle again, but it seems cruel.

    @Megan: Welcome! It's nice to find another cosleeping and night nursing mom! I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "He's STILL nursing at night?!? He doesn't need to do that." Translation: I'm lazy for not stopping it! Ah well, soon enough. And I hope there's sleep in your near future, too!

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