Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DIY: Fabric Covered Birthday Hat

I promise I'm almost done with birthday posts.  I'm sorting through a billion photos so I can present the par-tay all at once.  But, before I do that, let me share one more tutorial: the birthday hat.

And here's how I did it:
Supplies: You'll need some cheap birthday hats, the fabric you want to cover your hat with, scissors, glue, and yarn.  You'll also need (not pictured) tape, a pencil, and any other decorations to finish it off (in my case, a little ric-rac).

Step 1: Disassemble one of the birthday hats to make a pattern.
Trace your pattern onto your fabric.
Step 2: Cut out your fabric.  I erred on the side of cutting outside the lines instead of inside, figuring I could fix too much fabric, but it would be harder to salvage too little fabric.  I probably didn't need to cut around the little notch, but I did for good measure.
Step 3: Get a fresh hat (you could reassemble the one you disassembled, but I had eight of them, so I got a new one).  Glue your fabric to your hat, lining up the edges as best you can.  I made sure to put the notch side down first so that the other edge of the fabric would overlap and cover it.
Press the fabric down on the glue nice and good.
Trim off any extra fabric.
Step 4: While the glue is drying, make your pom-pom.  Wrap your yarn around your fingers a bunch of times.  I used three fingers.  If you make it too big, you can always trim it down to size.  I wrapped the yarn around 35 times to be exact.
Step 5: Take the yarn off your fingers, and tie a length of yarn around the middle of your bundle. 
Pull it nice and tight, then knot it to make sure it'll stay.  I left my tails long, which came in handy later on.
Step 6: Cut the loops on each side of your pom-pom. 
Step 7: Trim any long stragglers off your pom-pom, and make it the size and shape you want it. 
Step 8: Insert the long tails of your pom-pom string into the hole in the top of the hat.   I wrapped a piece of tape around the end of my string to keep it from fraying like we used to do back in the day when I  was a Girl Scout lacing construction paper shapes.  It worked out nicely.
Pull the tails tight inside the hat, and make sure your pom-pom is sitting where you want it to.  Tape your strings inside your hat. 
I also put a little glue on the tip of the hat right under the pom-pom for extra assurance that it wasn't going to pop off.

Step 9: Add any other decorations you want: I glued on some ric-rac for this hat, but lace could be super cute on a girl's hat.  Go wild!

Step 10: Find a model who may or may not be convinced that he should wear the hat you're putting on his head.
Or a model who decides once you put the hat on his head that it is the worst day of his life.  "Oh no you didn't, mom!"
Finally, find a model who is much more complacent than your first model - even if said model is a dog - to show off your hat.
And you're done!

P.S. Before anyone goes thinking I'm a terrible mom who disregards safety to try to take pictures of her kid on the kitchen counter, you should know that my mom was standing right there next to him.  Safety first.


  1. Man, I needed you to do this post last week, when I was finalizing T's bday! :) I will bookmark it for the future though!!

  2. CUTE!!! you are soo crafty! I wish I was this crafty for my kids B-days! maybe I will be this year..Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. That's a great tutorial and idea.Thanks for the follow...following you back from Adventures at Greenacre : )

  4. good tutorial you are good at this.
    I will have to start planning our 4th July/ 1st Bday...


    Following back from the hop!

  6. Too Cute! You've really done a nice job doing a sock-monkey themed birthday!!


  7. @Tiff: I know! I think we were planning at the same time. Our babies must have very close birthdays!

    @Jenae and Adriana: Thanks! Most of these projects were super easy!

    @Greenacre: Thanks and welcome!

    @Stacey: Welcome! And thank you for being so sweet!

    @Toqua: Thanks! I can't wait to share the whole party....soon!

  8. What a cute idea! My son's 2nd birthday is coming up soon and I'll have to remember these.

    By the way, the dog looked like it was thrilled to be wearing the hat. Too funny!

  9. SUPER cute!! Love the red pom pom!

  10. @Hootie: the dog was much more excited about the hat than the baby was. haha.

    @Megan: Thanks! The pom pom is my favorite part.

  11. WOW! Very neat!!

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    Have a Happy Wednesday and a blessed rest of the week! :0)

  12. @Jessica: thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to checking out your blogs!

  13. Great idea and less expensive. I just stop by and made my daughters zebra print birthday hats love the idea :)

  14. Zebra print sounds really cute! Hope your daughter has a great party!

  15. Great idea and great tutorial!! Thanks so much!!! I can't wait to get started :-)