Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy Fail #83: Thinking you don't need a diaper bag

The root of this particular mommy fail was overconfidence.  Luckily for me, every time I'm feeling like I've got this mom thing under control, the universe takes me down a notch to show me where I belong.

I decided that Little Spaghetti and I could take a quick trip into one of our favorite sandwich shops for lunch.  And by quick trip, I mean without the diaper bag and all the other crap I usually take into places with me.  I grabbed a diaper and a few wipes, went inside and ordered lunch.  All was well until...I heard an all too familiar grunting sound, followed by an all too familiar squishing sound, and I knew it was time to hit the bathroom for a diaper change.

I walked in, and peeked into his diaper.  I didn't have to look far because the poop has squished up his back and onto his shirt.  This hasn't happened in months.  Why now?

Because I didn't have the diaper bag.

I popped his shirt and pants off and looked around.  Where's the changing table?  No changing table?!?  What kind of a restuarant doesn't have a freakin' changing table?

The kind that you go into without your diaper bag.

So I faced a choice: carry my mostly naked, poop-covered kid through an establishment where 90% of people are eating and the other 10% are waiting to eat, or MacGyver it.

I proceeded to take about two dozen toilet seat covers out of the dispenser on the wall and create a makeshift, relatively germ-free changing area on the floor of the bathroom.  I arranged the covers just right so that the seat part of one cover lined up with the hole part of another cover, and there wasn't any floor showing.  Then I made a second layer.

I won't even get into the part where I had to wet some paper towels to use as wipes since I only had a couple on me...

It worked...mostly.  Though it was perhaps not the most eco-friendly diaper change I've ever done.

All I wish is that I'd taken a picture, but wouldn't you know it: my camera was in the diaper bag.


  1. Oh man don't you love those moments! the I can go for dinner without the diaper bag moments... its true when you have the big bulky Diaper bag with you, you don't use it..then when you don't bring it, you NEED it! Love reading your posts!

  2. LOL. I've definitely been there! I boycot any restaurant that doesn't have a changing table.

  3. @Jenae: so true! I'm ALWAYS prepared...except when I'm not.

    @Adraina: haha! I was trying my hardest.

    @Jessica: I may seriously start doing that, too. It my #1 pet peeve right now.

  4. Murphy Law! It happens everything. I hate when restaurants don't have changing tables.

  5. Oh no!! That's awful. Sorry to hear that happened. Shocked that restaurant didn't have a changing table! Looking forward to reading more adventures with you and baby. Best, Wildcatter's Wife

  6. haha! LOVE this post, right down to the camera being in the diaper bag. I'd love to sit here and say I never carried a diaper bag. But I had one huge honking purse, so in otherwords, diaperbag in cognito.

  7. @Wild Catter's Wife: thanks, and I hope to see more of you around!

    @Sandra: Welcome! And I love the diaperbag in cognito. I fully succumbed to motherhood - giant diaperbag and all, but I got a (used) Petunia Picklebottom. I have to say: when I do carry the thing, it's amazing!

  8. Oh man, that is the WORST. I had this happen to me once while in a Goodwill. So, gross.


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