Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Does your husband know how to put dishes in the dishwasher?

Because mine sure doesn't.  If your does, would you like to send him over to my house for a nice dinner and a beer?  After which, he can show my husband how truly painless it is to put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of on the counter?  Thanks.  I appreciate it.

You know how after you get married, you find out those *quirky* things about your spouse that you just didn't pick up on when you were dating?  Right now, my biggest pet peeve is one of those quirky things: my husband's inability to put dishes in the dishwasher.

It doesn't matter if the sink is full.  Or if the dishwasher is full.  Or if the sink is empty.  Or if the dishwasher is empty.  Or if it's a full moon on Friday the 13th.  All his dishes go on the counter.


Sorry, I actually took this picture to show what a failure I am at housekeeping, so you'll have to excuse the fact that the dishes in the background aren't the focus.  But see the water bottles, cups, etc on the counter in the background...all put there by my husband.

So, this week, I've decided to reclaim my title as queen of housekeeping in my house (more on that later this week if I think you can stand my ranting).  First chore to tackle: getting my husband to put his dishes in the dishwasher.

Last night, I cleaned up the kitchen.  All nice and shiny.  Then, I wrote a nagging awesome note to try and persuade my husband out of hapless dish-piling ways and taped it to the counter in his favorite dish-piling spot. Like this:

I know, my kitchen is all, "Hey, I was built in the '60s!"  I keep trying to convince my mom that salmon-colored sinks and gold glitter-speckled counters are retro, not ugly.

And here's what the note said:
What do you think? You think it's gonna work?

Well, it's going to have to until I can find a husband mentor to teach mine the ways of the world.  Or afford a house cleaner.


  1. HILARIOUS! My hubs is better about putting dishes in the dishwasher. My biggest pet peeve right now is probably his tendency to leave things open. Closets, cabinets, dishwasher, doors, etc. Once I came into the kitchen and he'd unloaded the dishwasher and EVERY cabinet/drawer etc. was open.

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  2. HAHAHA! I love that note! Hopefully it'll work out fabulously for you :)
    I'm pretty sure I'm going to send my hubby this link too.

  3. Thankfully, my hubs is great at handling dishes - loading and unloading. Sadly, my hubs is like Sara's above and always leaves everything open! What is up with that? We got out of the car the other day and he left the door open! Does he think it's going to magically close itself?!? You can borrow my husband to teach yours about dishes if your husband can teach mine about closing things. : )

  4. Too funny! My husband is sort of the same way. His dishes *sometimes* make it in the dishwasher, but if they do, they are usually all strewn about and I just have to redo it!

  5. My husband does put dishes in the washer. He even rearrangs the ones I put in there, which is a whole other problem.

  6. LOL
    Good luck!
    I like the note. I truly hope it helps! I raised my kids that if they used it they washed it and put it away. :) Some day when my son gets a wife she's gonna REALLY appreciate me! :) Some guys were never 'trained' by their mother, and expect you to fall into place when they marry...
    Hopefully you have a trainable hubby!


  7. My husband is the same way! I can literally see a trail of his destruction... I might have to borrow that note!

    Oh, and salmon sinks are sexy - I don't care who you are!

  8. Sorry to my friends whose comments got deleted! Darn blogger...

    But! I have to say a huge "THANK YOU" to you, Toqua, from your future daughter-in-law. She doesn't know how good she has it. I will - hopefully - do a much better job training my son than my mother-in-law did hers.

    Of course you should feel free to borrow the note, Unglamorous. Anything to help a fellow blogger out ;)

    And thanks for the encouragement on the salmon sink. I'm glad to know I'm not alone...haha.

  9. I used to let it bother me that my husband didn't put things in the dishwasher. At first I was stupid, I mean nice, and let it slide. BIG mistake! Then it kept building up inside until I burst and screamed at him to put his (dirty word) dishes in the (dirty word) dishwasher. Thankfully he started to use the dishwasher after that. But then, because karma is a bitch, I realized that I liked it better when he didn't put them in the dishwasher because I am anal about where things go as to maximize the amount of stuff I can fit in there. I'm not sure who has the problem, me or him. :-)

  10. @Next door: Haha! I think I can relate to that! We're taking baby steps though. In the dishwasher correctly would be ideal but not on the counter is good enough for now!

  11. Ha Ha! The note was brilliant and more kudos to him if he actually does follow those directions. I'd be blown away if he actually puts the clean dishes away out of the dishwasher. But my experience is, either men work and make a living or they are house husbands and don't make a living but they will empty the dishwasher and maybe do the laundry. Personally, I prefer someone who makes a living. Now if you've got a guy that does both, grab him, hold onto him tightly because he's a gem!

  12. You're right, Helena! I should count my blessings. He's a pretty great guy, even if he leaves his dishes on the counter now and then.

  13. Mine started trying to put them in the dishwasher, but did such a piss poor job, I begged him to just leave them on the counter. Smart guy.

  14. @Roni: Lol. I can understand that. Though, I'm to the point where I'd rather wash three poorly loaded loads a day instead of having to look at the mountain of dirty dishes.

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