Monday, June 13, 2011

The never-ending cliffhanger...That's my blog

I have this bad habit of bringing up subjects and then never mentioning them again.  Sometimes, I even promise an update and then leave you hanging...for months.

But you're in luck!  I bring you: Updates About Things You Didn't Know You Cared About!

First off, night-weaning.  Do you remember when that started?  I sure do...'cuz it was my birthday.

How's that going?  I'm glad you asked!  It's going...decently.  It was going great for a couple weeks.  Then Little Spaghetti got sick, and I got lazy felt bad for him, so I let him nurse in the night.  Big mistake! He was worse than ever.  So I got back to it, and within a couple days we pretty much had it licked.  I'm happy to report that I am no longer nursing my one-year-old like a newborn!

Don't get me started on the sleeping, though.  The chronicles continue...

Next up: My husband's inability to put dishes in the sink.  Or the dishwasher.  I know you're DYING to know if my lovely note worked.  The answer is yes...for the most part.  There are still bad days, but for the most part, he now gets the dishes at least into the sink. 

It wasn't going that well until one day when one of "the guys" was coming over to help him do some work in the yard.  He made me put the note away so as not to embarrass him, and I think it was the guilt that did him in.  After that, he was much better about it.

The note's still tucked in a drawer in the kitchen, just in case I start to see dishes pile up on the counter.  But we've had an unexpected turn of events...and I, apparently, should have made the note apply more broadly than just the dishes.  Because now we have a problem with other things on the counter.  Like my husband's dirty socks.

And finally, there was this time six months ago when I promised to show you the fruits of my renovating labors when I started painting our sunroom.  I wish I could say that I just forgot to do post about it, but the truth is that it took me all six months to finally be done painting and redecorating the room.  But, here are the results.

We went from this:

To this:

 And here are some more pictures of the room, just because I love it so much!

We use the cool hutch as our bar: To store all our booze!
I LOVE having my morning tea at this table.
I reupholstered this chair all by myself.  Not to shabby for an amateur.
I've got a couple herb gardens in the windows.
The color - soothing green tea - was feeling a little bold as we put it up on the walls, but now that all the furniture is in, I can't imagine a better color.  Seriously, one of my favorite rooms in the house!

And, for the sake of full disclosure, here's the pile of crap I had to move out of that room to photograph it.  I wish it looked more like a room in a decorating magazine all the time...


  1. That looks GREAT! And thank you for also showing the picture of everything you moved out to get the picture. I do the same thing! haha! I hope to have pictures of my dining room soon. We are waiting for crown molding now and then it will be done!
    You did a great job and I can totally understand why it's your favorite room! Good job on the chair too. I still have three chairs that haven't been reupholstered yet because I got sick of doing it. That was like ummm 2 years ago. Ok, 4, it was 4 years ago! Whatever. I'll get around to it.

  2. Haha. I though I was the only one who moved piles of junk from one room to another in order to maintain the appearance of a tidy home! Great job on your sun room. Its gorgeous!

  3. @Momnextdoor: Thanks! I can't wait to see pictures of your dining room! And I burned out on the reupholstering a while back, but luckily I'm been neglecting my projects long enough that I'm not minding it any more.

    @Jessica: Thank you! And yeah, the piles of junk just never *quite* seem to get put away, do they?

  4. Love, love, love the sunroom! great job! I would love so much to have a sunroom or a screened in porch at our house. maybe next house...

  5. @Katy thanks! I think its totally worth ti to have a sunroom. Though, we didn't build it (nor do I think we would have/could have), so we lucked out that it was here when we bought the house.