Thursday, June 9, 2011

Raise your hand if you think I'm selfish and just need to use my head

Ok, please don't actually raise your hand because I'll feel really bad about myself.

But if you wanted to raise your hand (which I hope you didn't), you might be happy to know you're not alone.

I'm not even going to get into the details because it makes my blood boil.  And it would take me like four hours to type the story of what happened in just a few minutes, and I'm sure you don't want to read a post that long.

But the Reader's Digest version is that I was yelled at publicly by not one, but two middle aged men in Costco for the fact that my son's stroller was blocking the insanely narrow aisle between the tables at the food court.   Which makes me the worst mother ever.  And the worst human being ever.  Apparently.

I'm talking about grown men shouting at me from three rows away.  Loudly. 

Now, I was blocking the aisle.  But in my defense, there was nowhere else for us to sit.  There were carts and other diners blocking the wide spaces at the ends of the rows where we would usually have sat.  There were also plenty of other aisles that people could use to get in and out of the rows, so it wasn't like I was blockign the ENTIRE food court.  And the tables are laid out really poorly.  This isn't the first time I've had trouble finding seating at this particular food court. 

I wasn't trying to be selfish.  Or stupid.  Or rude.  Or presumptuous.  Or any of the other horrible things these men yelled at me while I was just trying to sit for five minutes and feed my son some cheese pizza.  It was so totally unnecessary for them to call me out on it.  Of all the battles in the world to fight, why harass some woman and her baby in the food court, you know?

I'd wondered about my Costco pizza eating habits before, but maybe this was the universe's way of telling me I really shouldn't be eating cheese pizza at the Costco food court!


  1. Hand firmly down! Ridiculous!!! Nothing better for then to do??

  2. Wow! I'd expect more out of grown men! They needed to put themselves in your place. I would have been freaked out and terrified to be alone and getting yelled at by grown men. Shameful!

  3. Thanks, Sara! That was basically my thought!

    You're right, Jocelyn. In retrospect, I sort of wish I had been quicker in thinking of something to say back to them about how they should be ashamed of their actions. I was just so flustered (and a little terrified).

  4. ok i believe is the universe telling you that pizza is not good.

  5. My hand is firmly down as well. Let those men take a baby to Cosco and see how they handle feeding time. Then have total strangers YELL at them. I think they'd change their tune.

  6. costco brings out the worse in people - its a combination of the prices, the samples, the boxes after you check out, and the long lines and people just about lose their minds. i've been yelled at by old men in costco also - and one time i yelled back, 'cause i wasnt going to take it anymore. so no, you're not selfish or crazy....
    hope you feel better now!!!

  7. @Adriana: I'm glad I'm not the only one reading between the lines!

    @Momnextdoor: Thank you! Seriously! You know that program where they make high school kids carry around a baby training doll for a while (or, in my high school it was a sack of flour because we didn't have fancy electronic dolls, but whatever)? They apparently need to do the same thing for middle-aged men at Costco!

    @Nylse: I think you summed it up perfectly! And I definitely feel better. It's crazy to think that it has happened to other people too, but I do feel better knowing I'm not alone!