Monday, July 4, 2011

I hope you celebrated the Fourth of July like my Dad

This weekend was a long one - and not just because it was three days.  Between the heat, family in town, and a to-do list that was (who am I kidding...still is) a mile long, I've had no time for anything fun (by which I mean blogging).

So, I thought I'd share a little story, instead, to wish you all a Happy 4th of July:

My dad to the bartender at dinner: "So, you've got two sizes for beer, huh?"

Bartender: "Yeah, a 16 oz. and a 22 oz."

My Dad: "I'll take one of each."

Bartender, looking skeptical: "One of each? Alright..."

My Dad: "Yeah, my left arm's weaker than my right one, and I don't want it to get tired while I'm double-fisting."

Oh, Dad.   You know how to party.  Actually, he was ordering one for my mom, but it was funnier not to let the bartender know that.

Anyway, I hope you had a two-beers-at-once kind of holiday weekend!

And now, because a blog post lacking quality can always be made up for with cute pictures, I leave you with these:

 My kid loves shoes.  He picks out his shoes every morning, and if I don't put them on, he follows me around whining until I do.  Lately, he picks out his snow boots.  Pretty much every day.  And he's so proud of himself!

This was taken late this evening.  He looks how I feel.  Mom, can this weekend be over yet? 


  1. OMG that sounds like something my father might say too.

    Your baby is so cute. :)

  2. It wasn't very nice of you to corner the market on cute babies, you know. :)

    Your dad sounds like a hoot!

  3. The snow boots made me laugh. It reminds me of E and her galoshes. I finally had to hide them because she wanted to wear them out in the heat and her little feet would sweat so bad.

  4. Just a wee toddler and already rockin the duckface... what's wrong with kids these days???

    I kid, I kid... hope you had a happy 4th!! I drank til I couldn't feel my toes.

  5. love dad. and lol at weekend being over.

  6. Too cute - you have a kid that loves having shoes and clothes on and mine hates it! She fights me every chance she gets and would prefer to just be in her diaper (if even that sometimes).

  7. @Amanda and ChiTown: Thanks!

    @Jessica: That is so funny. I think I might have to put the boots away soon or we'll be having the same problem!

    @Lost In Idaho: That sounds like a pretty entertaining 4th!

    @Adriana: it was seriously rough! We need a weekend to recover from our weekend.

    @Texas: I'd rather him wear the boots than fight with him, for sure! Though, I'll have to giggle if we get to the point where ALL he wants to wear are his shoes.

  8. OMG, that is soooo funny! My dad would totally do the same thing. Also? You have THE cutest little boy!! :-)

  9. @Crystal: Thank you! His cuteness keeps me sane.

  10. Cute pictures always help a post. Nice to sprinkle them throughout the post

    Stopping by from comment hour blog pick #2