Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If it were up to me, your kid would never need another shot

If I ran the world, things would be a little bit different 'round these parts.  Specifically:

*Immunizations would come in the form of delicious, watermelon-flavored suckers instead of sharp pointy needles.  And I'd never have to pull another bloody, Donald Duck-covered Band-Aid off my poor, sweet baby's thighs again.

*Screw three day weekends; I'd just reverse the whole system.  5 days of weekend, 2 days of work week.

*There would be fairies.  Lots of them.  The bedtime fairy would bathe kids, brush their teeth, and put them to sleep.  The laundry fairy would wash, dry, fold, repeat.  The foot rub fairy would...well, that one's pretty self explanatory.

*The combination of poop and a diaper would cause a magical chemical reaction that would turn the whole darn mess into solid gold.  The downside is that my kid's pants would weigh a ton several times a day.  The upside is that I'd never try to pawn off changing him on anyone else ever again.

*I'd find a way to bottle the joy in my baby's smiles and laughs, and the result would be like the fountain of youth.  That way being a mother could keep me young instead of giving me gray hairs, an achy back, and a faulty memory.

What about you?  What would the world look like if you were in charge?


  1. More peeps. That's about it. I loove peeps.

  2. I think you hit on every important aspect...the work week,laundry, bath time, diapers. I'd add a personal chef and I'd be set!!!

  3. Well, your world sounds pretty good to me. Gosh... I honestly don't know what I would do if I could run the world... and it would depend on what kinds of powers I could have, too! Lol... Oh, the possibilities... mwa ha ha ha... ;-)

  4. @ Amanda: Thanks for the Blogger Idol support! You can vote here (or there's a link in my sidebar, you can use that, too). Scroll to the bottom of the "Week 2" post for the poll. Thank you, thank you!

    @Crystal: I know! The possibilities are endless. Perhaps I should have aimed a little higher, lol.

    @Momnextdoor: Personal chef would be superb.

    @LostinIdaho: Peeps are always good. Have I told you I'm glad you're one of my peeps?

  5. Right about now I'm wishing you were in charge!

  6. There would be no vaccines because everyone would approach their health from a wellness based system as I do.

  7. LOL, I'm not sure what I would do all day if I had all those fairies.

  8. I want to live in the world with you in charge also! In my world, every child is entitled to a happy home, love and education. And plenty of chocolate!

  9. Oh, that last one is a biggie, isn't it? At this point, all I want is a full night's sleep, so if I were in charge there would be a real live Sandman who was capable of keeping children asleep the whole night through!

  10. I LOVE the way you would run the world - I'd vote for you!

  11. @Jessica: That makes two of us! Haha.

    @Klayton: Thanks for sharing your opinion.

    @Lindsey: I know! I'm pretty sure I'd just sit around and admire the pretty fairies and their shiny suits.

    @Sarah: I like your world. It sounds very nice!

    @Martini: Oh the Sandman! I desperately need him at my house!

    @Gigi: Yay! You're allowed to live in my world whenever you want.

  12. Ha ha I would totally have cleaning and laundry fairies too!!! Love it :-)

  13. Michelle, if I ever find laundry fairies, I will definitely share them with you!