Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If my kid does a cute dance, will you vote for me on Blogger Idol?

Well, you're in luck!  Because today, I just so happen to have a video of Little Spaghetti...dancing.  To the Blogger Idol theme song, no less.

This is the song that plays in the background of Blogger Idol every video (i.e. the elimination videos).  It makes me break into a cold sweat whenever I hear it.  My little guy, though?  No sweating.  Apparently this song inspires him to do some of his best dancing.  And shouting.

This week's assignment was "If you could be the opposite sex for a day..."  Here's what I had to say about it.

So please, won't you vote for me now?  Otherwise, he'll have to learn to cry when this song comes on instead of dancing.  And nobody wants that. [Note: Scroll to the end of the post to vote; voting ends Thursday at 11:59 CST]

And, yes, sometimes I do put clothes on my baby. Though, more often than not, they're on the couch like they are in this video...

Want to know more about Blogger Idol?   Here's what I had to say about my debut last week ("What having ants in your pants can tell you about yourself"), and here's the audition that got me selected for the top 12.


  1. The green makes all the difference, and the squealing.

    So I've decided to take up the "Team Spaghetti" banner officially. Go go go MS! You're my pick to the top.

  2. OMG, I want to cuddle him! That was my brother and I when we were little. You totally won my vote!

  3. That is too darn cute. #commenthour

  4. What a cutie! If it were up to me, he'd have already won! :)

  5. This is great! I just wish they could stay that age forever. Kids always tend to do the cutest things. I hope you win, I voted!

  6. Oh em gee, how cute is this seriously! #commenthour chaoticrantings

  7. Haha! I voted! ADORABLE!

    At least he's wearing a diaper...I hear children prefer to be naked all the time so I'm not judging...yet. :p

  8. Cuteness overload! I couldn't help but vote!

  9. oh my gosh, thank you for making my day! smiles!

  10. I can't see the video! It's killing me! Why oh why have you forsaken me technology?!

  11. @Lost in Idaho: Thank you, thank you! I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support. To me, blogging is about community, and I love finding people like you.

    @Crystal: Thanks for voting! Funny that it reminded you of you and your brother!

    @Trininista, Leslie, and Life With Purpose: Thank you so much!

    @Frank: Thanks for your support. And I do sometimes wish I could just freeze time and never lose these moments.

    @Heather: Welcome and congrats on your #commenthour feature, too! I look forward to reading more of your blog today (I got behind last night and never caught up!)

    @Jami: LOL! Thanks for not judging :P If I ever decide to let him go totally naked, I'll refrain from putting videos of that online.

    @Amanda: Thank you. And I'm glad to know my evil plan is working (guilting people into voting by showing them my cute baby.)

    @Ruthie: Glad it made you smile! Thanks for stopping by, and welcome!

    @Momnextdoor: NO!! I wonder why it's not working. You can try this link to see if you can see it directly on youtube maybe?

  12. I voted... and your kid made it worth it (just kidding!) your post was wonderful! very clever and imaginative... as always!

  13. Since when do diapers come in designer colors? Funny thing is when they get older, they still run around and dance in their skivvies.

  14. Look at the shoulder action! You've got my vote!

  15. @Whispering: Thanks!

    @MJ: He knows how to rock for sure!

    @Mary: Thank you! And it never hurts to have a cute baby by your side when begging for votes, right?

    @WTWA: cloth diapers, but the designer colors are one of their best features. And only a mom would say something crazy like, "The fact that they're cute makes up for the fact that I have to wash poop out of them on a regular basis." totally does.

    And I'm actually sort of relieved to hear that he isn't going to grow out of this any time soon!

    @ Jessica: The shoulder shimmy is my favorite! Thanks for your support!

  16. Your blog is SUPER cool. I love the theme and your writing style. Congrats on being selected for #commenthour. Keep up the great work!

  17. Thanks, Elian! I'm always happy to hear that people like my writing style. Hope to see you around again soon!