Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've got an offer you can't refuse

And, yes, it has to do with voting for me for Blogger Idol...

Let's get down to business.  Here are the terms:  I have a hilariously cute video of Little Spaghetti from about six months ago.  It is so cute that whenever I'm having a bad day, I watch it and can't help but smile.  So, I'm going to share said video with you on the one condition that if you - while watching the video - smile even just a little bit, you have to go vote for me this week.   Voting for this week has ended, so the video is just yours to enjoy!  Thanks for all your support.

This week's topic was: What writing means to you.  One of the judge's comments was kind of mean (hence why I had to bust out the video and cheer myself up). So even though she didn't like it, I hope you do!  Read it hereVote here (pick Mama Spaghetti).   Thank you a thousand times!

Also, my post this week features the photography of the amazingly talented Adriana Iris at La Dulce Vida.  Her words and photos inspire me, so I was thrilled when she agreed to let me use some of her pictures for my post.  I think she has a very unique way of capturing life's beauty.

If you vote, let me know so I can thank you or give you a shout out on Twitter (leave your Twitter handle, just in case)!


  1. OMG, I am soooo e-mailing this video to my best friend - she will LOVE it!

    Second, I'd already voted for you before I saw this and I read that judge's comment... You just tell her that I had no issues getting through your entry nor did I have any problems with your use of the list! Nyahhhhh!!! Some people make me so mad...

    @cclboc, by the way! :-)

  2. Oh my hell!! Why didn't you submit this to America's Funniest Home Videos?! At the very least, Little Spaghetti should be a YouTube sensation by now!

  3. I voted even though I didn't read the others' posts. Because I read yours first and your kid made me smile and I've had a tough day. So. I might have to bookmark this page to pull out on the tough days.
    But, nonetheless. Really did love your post. I "get" it.
    If you MUST tweet a thank you ;) I'm @mamabearping

  4. @Nota: Thank you for your support!

    @Crystal: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind words. Thank you!

    @MamaBearPing: Glad I could make you smile! Please, bookmark away. And thank you for the support!

    @Texas: Thanks! You rock!

  5. So cute! Thank you for the morning laugh! That is just precious, nothing is better than baby laughs :)

  6. Too cute! I have a video like this too when Bud was little (my husband blowing a tissue around the table). I use it the same way you do. When I need a pick me up it still helps put a smile on my face 5 years later! Thanks for sharing!

    (And of course I already voted for you...multiple times. Don't know if they count the extras but I didn't want to chance it. Good luck!)

  7. @MommyDigger: You're welcome. And I agree; baby laughs are so precious.

    @Momnextdoor: Thank you so much! And you know I've got your back with Top Mom Blogs! ;)

  8. I voted for you...but really all you had to do was ask (even though I did enjoy Little Spaghetti's laughter!)

  9. OMG! His laugh is so freakin cute!

  10. I voted! Such a cute baby giggle!! LOVE IT!
    Thanks for commenting on my post FUN WITH NOODLES! I could so see a "ball pit" also!!

  11. I think I am to late to vote :( But I hope you got all the votes you needed :)

  12. Sweeeeet!

    Am on my way...


  13. @Stephanie: Thanks! And I appreciate the you'd vote even without the bribes. You rock!

    @Mary: Thanks! I love it!

    @Jocelyn: Thank you so much.

    @Alicia: Thanks, and no problem. I enjoy your blog.

    @Marina: No worries! There's always next week ;) (I did make it through this week, phew!)

    @Pear Thanks for the support! Voting starts again on Wednesday!

  14. Oh gosh! SO CUTE! I'm so sorry that I missed the voting... but I was horribly busy in Winnemucca with my kids and grandkids for two weeks... I'm still trying to play catch-up! Ha!

  15. Consider yourself voted my darling! I don't think the judge was mean per say, just trying to do that stupid constructive criticism shit.Just tell me how fabulous I am, and carry on, right! Am I right!

  16. I loved the video. Cute indeed :)

  17. @Toqua: No worries! I'm glad you go to enjoy the grandkids! Welcome back.

    @Sandra: You're right, you are awesome! And you're right about the judge, too, but mostly you're right about how awesome you are.

    @Madrassi: Glad you enjoyed it!