Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mommy fail #126: Losing your car seat

The family and I went out of town this weekend so my husband could take a much needed fishing break and I could visit some friends.

My husband left for the lake early Saturday morning while the baby and I were still asleep. Once we got up and moving, we decided we'd go out to breakfast with the friends we were staying with. As soon as we got out the door, I realized that my car was not there. Which meant my car seat was also not there.

Desperate not to be stranded, the wheels in my head started turning. First I called my husband, just to be sure he hadn't taken the seat out and left it somewhere. He didn't answer. He was fishing.

Then I wracked my brain trying to figure out if I might know anyone in town with a car seat. After an hour and several phone calls, we finally located a spare seat.

I know what you're thinking: That doesn't sound too bad, and it actually sounds more like a “Daddy fail” than a “Mommy fail.” And you're right, if only that had been the end.

A couple hours later, I went to see the bathroom remodel another friend was working on. The woman whose husband was fishing with my husband also happened to be there. I started telling them what had happened with the car seat.

I didn't get very far before the woman said, “I'm not sure if I should tell you this, but your husband didn't take your car fishing. It's parked in front of my house; they took our SUV.”

That meant the car seat had been only a couple blocks from where we were staying the entire time.

When my husband came home, I told him about the fiasco. “Didn't you hear what I said last night?" he said.  "I told you that I was leaving the spare key in your purse and the car parked at the house.”

With no one left to blame, I had to accept my own short-comings: faulty memory, selective hearing, and an excellent ability to create a crisis where none exists.

How about you?  How was your weekend?


  1. Nope, sorry. Still a 'daddy fail' in my book. Why the hell didn't he just have his fishing buddy pick him up, since they were taking his SUV, and leave your damn car where you were?!

    Sorry, I know I'm cranky, my air-conditioner is broken!

  2. I'm with ChiTown Girl - he TOTALLY gets the blame for this one!

  3. Yes, it's daddy fail this time :)) I don't listen to my husband either :)

  4. I'm with the other three - it was SO a Daddy fail! Hope you and Little Spaghetti enjoyed your time with your friends and I hope Papa Spaghetti had a good time fishing. I had a friend over for lunch on Sat, walked the dogs at the Toronto Humane Society and otherwise just read and watched movies. Goooooooood weekend! :-)

  5. At least you still got to go out and now you know who to go to for a spare car seat ;)

  6. Sounds like he has a "get out of jail free card" now, for the next time you look at him and say "ARE YOU REALLY LISTENING TO ME!??"

    He can respond "heh, NOPE" and walk away. He gets one freebie.

  7. We can’t find quite fault on mommy… unmemorable is usual. Yes, my weekend was good and relaxing, sleeping, watching movies, reading blogs and books.

    Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. Hope to see u around.

  8. Yes, you should have maybe listened, but his friend should have picked him up- like ChiTown Girl said. That part makes no sense.

  9. Daddy fail! He should have taken the other car if he was just going to be leaving it.

    Maybe it's time to get a second car seat? Garage sales are the best for that!

  10. @ChiTown: You're right...I'm not entirely sure why he felt the need to drive the car a couple blocks away... And I don't mind you being cranky on my behalf since I let him slide, lol!

    @Gigi: Glad to know others think it wasn't really my fault, haha!

    @Marina: Sometimes, it really is like I just don't hear a word he said.

    @Crystal: Thanks! We did have a nice weekend. Yours sounds awesome!

    @Bobo; That's right! Next time, I won't even have to worry about who to call.

    @LostInIdaho: You're right about that one, but I think I won't pass the word on to the hubby. Lol.

    @Madrassi: Glad you had a good weekend!

    @Ruth: I know...Or when he thought to tell me he wasn't going to take the car, why didn't he just take the seat out and leave it at the house then? Some things will always be a mystery.

  11. @Momnextdoor: You're probably right about a second car seat. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

  12. I know that the trick to getting a man to pay attention is to say his name first. Saying "cookie" to the dogs works, I wonder if I could get eye contact from him for that.

    New follower......

  13. Yikes - - - you are too young for all that , but a baby can do that to you among all the cutest and nicest things in the world. Glad that things worked out in the end. This is Munir over here at Focus.

  14. This is a mirror of how my mind works (or doesn't) and yet the dads have the same problem. Something about becoming parents and the load of responsibility we take on makes our minds not process every tiny detail :) I am so glad I am not alone. I've taken the car with car seats out to run errands, leaving my husband at home planning to take our girls out on a Daddy-Daughters date, only to have to return home to unload the car seats or switch cars. It happens. I think we just get so excited to have some alone time, we forget to unload!

  15. I'm with all the other daddy failers. Who drives a few blocks especially when you have the baby. I'm sure you heard him but it sounded so ridiculous you probably thought you heard him wrong... At least that is what I tell my husband when something like this happens and that is pretty often. Ha!

  16. I have the selective hearing issue too :) But what would have been so hard about taking out the car seat before he took the car :)

    Hi, I'm a new follower from SITS :)

  17. @Mrs. Tuna: I think cookie would work with my husband. And welcome!

    @Munir: I wish I could believe I was too young for all that...haha.

    @Whispering: Thanks for the vote of confidence!

    @K: I'm glad to know that it isn't a male-specific trait. I took it pretty easy on him (and took the blame) because - to be honest - I could see myself doing the same thing.

    @Mary: I like your excuse, Mary! That I heard him but dismissed it because it was so ridiculous. I'm gonna stick with that theory ;)

    @Aleta: Welcome! I love the SITS girls; looking forward to checking out your blog.

  18. blech. it's too damn hot to think straight...if you're husband is like mine sometimes I have to turn 'off' the mechanism and thus, things he tells me slip through the cracks...sorry for the frustration...

  19. @IWonderWye: I agree, the heat definitely makes my brain feel like Jello!

  20. LOL...sounds just like something I'd do. (Managed to get me locked out of my own car... twice.)

  21. @Amanda: Haha! That sounds like something I would do!