Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nevada, why are you so vain?

Here's a little known fact about my great state: Nevada ranks fourth in the nation for percentage of people with vanity license plates.

I suppose that's not such a bad top ten list to be on.  Better than top ten states for unemployment...or home foreclosures...or dropout rates.

Wait? What's that?  Nevada *is* on all those lists?  Well...those statistics aren't nearly as entertaining in a blog post as vanity license plates.

Indeed, I've found that Nevadans have a lot to say on their license plates.  Sometimes they're clever.  Other times they just confuse me.  Here are a few of the best ones I've seen recently.

Well, I suppose it is.  You couldn't think of anywhere better to spend your money than on a special license plate admitting your car's a piece of junk?

Roses are red?  Thank you, Captain Obvious!  Someone is very serious about the color red here.

I have no idea what this is supposed to say.  (Any guesses?).  At first I thought it said "Carpe diem," except that it actually looks more like "crap a diem," which I'm pretty sure would mean "crap a day."  Maybe I'll use that to greet people I don't like from now on.

Fate happens.  Isn't that kind of what "fate" implies?  It's hard to be so profound when you're....not.

 You took the words right out of my mouth.  It really is considerate of you to give others something to say about your driving.

What about you?  Do you have any favorite vanity license plates?

Also, I greatly appreciate your concern about my safety.  Just know, I don't take pictures while traffic's moving.  Even if it means missing a really great license plate.


  1. Those are funny. Sad to say I don't see many vanity plates around here. I would have guessed carpe diem too.

  2. I loved this!! We have a lot of vanity plates around here too - some are so darn obscure, it's a miracle I don't have a wreck trying to figure them out. We have one lady driving around here in a very fancy car whose plate basically reads The Ex is Paying For It....obviously, I can't remember exactly how it's phrased, but once I got it I laughed till I cried.

  3. Cool post! I have been slowly accumulating a gallery of the various plates I see on my everyday drive. Thought you might like to see!

  4. These are great! You need to stay on the lookout for more of these - I'd love to see a series! Is personalization cheap in Nevada?

  5. @Ruth: Thanks! I'm glad I'm not totally crazy for thinking that.

    @Gigi: That is hilarious!!

    @Dan: Thanks! Your photos are awesome.

    @Texas: I'm not sure if it's cheap...I should find out. I will definitely stay on the lookout. I have a lot of fun watching for them. I really like your idea of making this a regular thing.

  6. *snicker* Too funny, Mama! I have seen a few good license plates, but darned if I can remember them now... Oh, well, I'll just have to remember these, coz you got some good ones! Lol...

  7. I like the Oh Lord one.

    Mine is just boring. Just letters and numbers that don't spell a thing.

  8. @Crystal: You'll have to keep your eyes out and let me know if you see any good ones!

    @Whispering: I think that was my fave too. Mine's boring too...I don't even know what I'd have it say if I had one...

  9. LOL...too funny!....I haven't seen many around here but when I do they always refer to mom's/dad's car, taxi and gift for princess or spouse. Boring boring boring....I wish they would be more creative.: )

  10. @Greenacremama: Too bad! It's really entertaining to see some of the more creative ones.

  11. My first car was an old Camry that was held together in more than one place with duct tape. I had a vanity plate that read "CAMROCK". Still have it somewhere!

  12. I have vanity plates...not telling what they say husband HATES driving with me HATES IT. he he

  13. @Misguided: Now I wanna know what it says! I'll put it in my next license plate post if you send me a picture. Haha!