Friday, July 1, 2011

PSA: In case of fire, hide under a frying pan

Why are some nursery rhymes so creepy? And why haven't we figured out how creepy they are and ditched them for pete's sake!

Tonight Little Spaghetti and I were reading through a set of little board books he has, and I came across this gem.
 Oh lady bugs! Cute!

 Ah! I think I remember this poem. Though...I don't think I know any more than the first two lines...

What?!? That's very unexpected.  And horrifying!

 Who is the narrator of this story?  And why doesn't he or she have a soul?  This is just cruel..
Are you kidding me? Under the frying pan? This is the worst ending ever.

That is quite possibly the saddest lady but I have ever seen. 

Seriously...I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing that story.

And don't even get me started on the oppressive, anti-feminist undertones of this seemingly harmless story.*  I mean, really, just because she wasn't at home, in her kitchen, all the sudden it's her fault that her children have perished in a terrible fire?

*(That's sarcastic...I don't really think this book is trying to brainwash our kids. And I really don't want to start a feminist debate of some kind...)


  1. I thought the ladybugs with spots were the males??

    Oh, and if you want to talk traumatic children's stories, watch this: Go the F to sleep (as read by Samuel L Jackson)

  2. Ha! Loved your comments to the pics. Yeah a lot of children's stories (especially the original versions) are creepy and disturbing as hell!

  3. 100 years ago, when I was in college, we spent a good deal of time in my children's literature class discussing how dark Mother Goose really is, and wondering how the hell it came to be for children.

    BTW, Go the F to Sleep is my new favorite book!! ;-)

  4. best to stay away from and Grimm's fairy tales too my sweet bloggy friend. Hugs!

  5. OMG WTF?!

    At least Grimm's stories made sense. This one doesn't.

  6. I know, right? The Brother's Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson... Heck, I even came to realize when I got older that the Bugs Bunny cartoons are actually promoting serious violence (not to mention Pepe Le Pew, the skunk... Can we say sexual harassment?). My friends actually got into a debate about this while we were driving to a Canada Day festival, about what exactly Disney movies and the like are actually putting into kids' heads! On the flip side, though, I grew up with all of the above and turned out just fine... really... just fine... ;-)

  7. LMAO, I should not laugh but seriously, that is a horrible story. My eldest is very sensitive and would cry for days if she read that.

    I was just talking to my Nana about the amount of violence and sex in cartoons and when she tried to tell me it was only our generation I graciously pointed out to her that Betty Boop, Popeye and the original Looney Toons were far worse than some of the cartoons I let my kids watch.

    Don't get me started on Disney movies. I love Disney, but come on...telling someone to cut out a princess's heart? Poisoned apples? Dwarfs chasing the witch off a cliff? That was how many years ago? And now we have an old lady getting tripped out a window after stabbing someone in the back (literally). Doesn't seem like things have changed, why do the elder generations think we are the bad ones?

  8. I don't know why but they are sure creepy... As well as nursery rhymes makes you wonder...LOL

  9. I had no idea of the finish of that nursery rhyme! It does indeed have some definite undertones of anti-feminism! Ha Ha! Very funny observations in the comments too!

  10. No, no, go ahead and start a feminist debate about the lady bug! It'll be fun!

  11. @Lost In Idaho: I think you may be right about that. Perhaps the debate should be about gender identity instead of feminism. Also, that book rocks! (Though I don't think I'll add it to our bedtime routine.) Thanks for sharing.

    @bobo: I'm beginning to understand that some of the traditional kid stuff is really not all that kid-friendly!

    @ChiTown Girl: That actually sounds like a really interesting thing to study!

    @Katherine: Haha! I will. Thank you for the warning, dear!

    Amanda: That was my thought as well. This one was just totally out of nowhere!

    @Crystal: Your Pepe le Pew comment totally cracked me up. Perhaps they should add one of those ads after the air episodes of that show on tv.

    @Brittany: You're so right! It definitely isn't just the newest generation. They really can't blame us. After all...they raised us!

    @Adriana: I know! It does make you wonder.

    @Helena: I love you all (my readers). The fact that the comments are as good as my original post makes me so happy!

    @Sandra: Alright...if you insist. You first!

    @Whispering: If that ladybug doesn't break your heart, then you must be the Grinch, right? As if the story weren't sad enough...the illustrations just push it over the top.

  12. You always have a way of making me laugh out loud at the most inappropriate times. Note to self: do not read this blog when the baby is napping.

  13. @ Jessica: Haha! Glad I provide you with a laugh, though!