Friday, July 15, 2011

Step away from the computer and (probably) no one will get hurt

It's no secret that I often blog instead of doing other more responsible things like cooking and cleaning.  In fact, if finding excuses not to do housework were a sport, I'd be the MVP for sure.  But, I'm also a big enough person to admit when I have a problem.

Like when I find myself wishing the dog could learn to feed herself so she didn't have to interrupt my twittering.  Or when I convince myself that Little Spaghetti would be fine without a bath for just one more day because I haven't been on pinterest in hours.  Or when I start thinking it's ok to bribe my toddler with chocolate chips so I can just get fifteen more minutes to stalk comment on blogs in peace.

So, this weekend, I'm taking a cue from Little Spaghetti (and sharing the video with you, too, in case the cuteness inspires you to do the same).

I'm going to stop and smell the roses.  I'm going to unplug.

I blog for me, but I live for him.  If I'm not careful, one day I'm going to turn around and he'll be giving roses to a girl all right, but that girl won't be me.  (And he'll be begging me for the money to buy those roses...the nerve!)

So savor the summer this weekend, friends.  I'll catch you all next week!


  1. Awwwwwwww!!! Yeah, I kinda feel like we're all too "connected" these days via our computers and cell phones and not connected enough with real human beings. Kudos to you for taking the time to unplug. :-)

  2. Great post. Have a great weekend!

  3. Fun post, as usual, but with just the right kick in the pants to get me up off the couch and into life. Thanks!

  4. Oh, Sista Girl, you are so right! My "baby" just got his drivers license yesterday, and I cried like a baby.

    Enjoy the hell out of your weekend.

  5. That has to be the cutest video I have seen in a long time. Well the cutest video that did not star my nieces. ;)

  6. I love that you can hear him sniffing! That is too cute!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. I totally feel ya, my dear! My blog has definitely taken the back seat to my children this summer, and while that's the way it should be...I sure do miss my free time.

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  8. Have a great weekend, savor every moment! Hugs

  9. Enjoy and GREAT blog post!!!!!!!!

  10. have an awesome weekend... i too unplug often my readers will understand ;)

  11. I try to unplug on the weekends too! It's so hard sometimes though! But I agree, time with the little one, way more important!

  12. Have fun and good for you! I can so totally relate. Been there, many many times. Absolutely adorable video. Taking a mini break myself thanks to your inspiration!

  13. Awe! This video was just precious. What a handsome young man you have there. Yup...soon enough he'll be giving the little girls flowers. :)

  14. Aww, great post.

    I could never fully unplug but I don't spend as much time online as I used to.

  15. @Clifford: Thanks!

    @Crystal: It was harder than I thought at first. But by the time today rolled around, I actually had a hard time getting back on the computer.

    @Stephanie: Thanks, and I hope yours was great, too!

    @Jessica: I'm go glad to hear that!

    @ChiTown: I can't even imagine! Where does the time go?

    @MJ: Haha! I appreciate that!

    @Momnextdoor: Thanks; that's my favorite part!

    @Mary: Thanks!

    @Megan: It's good to know I'm not alone. As hard as it is, it's so worth it!

    @Katherine: I did savor this weekend. Thank you!

    @Kara: Thanks so much!

    @Adriana: I actually admire your ability to unplug. I hope to do better myself.

    @Tiff: It is hard, isn't it! But it was definitely with it.

    @Brittany: Glad it inspired you to take a little time to yourself!

    @Jocelyn: I know; it's going to happen all too soon!

    @Whispering: Thanks! I don't know that I could unplug for more than just a couple days, but it was nice while it lasted.