Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get on the horn!

A few weeks ago when we took our road trip to southern California, my husband and I were discussing our plans for the evening.  We were driving to meet some relatives, and I told him we'd be having dinner with them,but that we hadn't made specific plans yet.  To which he responded, "Well, get on the horn! Find out what the plan is because I'm starving."

"Aye aye, captain!"  I said, all the while thinking, "really? Who in the heck says something like 'get on the horn?'"

But! I am now giving you the same call to action: get on the horn!  But by horn I mean computer.  I know, I'm not using the phrase correctly at all, but give me a break, huh?

And why should you get on the horn?  To help this girl get to the finale of Blogger Idol, that's why.  I really need your help this week.  Like really really really need your help.  So I'm begging you (because I'm not ashamed to beg), pretty please won't you vote for me (voting has closed. Thanks for your support!)?  I'll walk your dog or mow your lawn or pluck your great aunt's eyebrows...just vote!*  I'd also never say no if you offered to blog about it or ask your facebook/twitter followers/entire office staff to vote either. 

This week, I had to give an election speech of sorts, so if you need more convincing about why you should vote for me, read this.

Don't forget to floss! See, good hygiene starts early. 
Actually, I think he just likes the minty-ness of the floss.
Finally, I'll leave you with a few random thoughts and a cute picture because my nerves are so frazzled right now from worrying about whether or not I'm going to be the next Blogger Idol, I'm lucky I can put together a sentence, no less a paragraph.

-I think it's a bad sign when you order your morning coffee, and the Starbucks chick says, "With an extra shot of espresso, right?"  Is that the nice way of telling me I look like I need a nap?

-Is it just me or is "get on the horn" a really weird expression?  Do you use it?  Do you know where it came from?  I should probably ask my husband...I'm sure he'd have its origin filed away with all the other useless facts he knows.

-I think my son was trying to tell me something this morning: while I was getting ready, he started putting my dirty clothes in the trash can.  Maybe mommy needs a new wardrobe.

-I have this probably insane desire to go buy finger paints for my 17-month old because it seems like he'd have a lot of fun with them.  Can you talk me out of the disaster that will surely come of this if I go through with it?

*Offers only valid if you live within a 30 minute drive from me.  Or if you want to pay for my plane ticket.   Either way.


  1. I have never heard that phrase, and plan never to use it in the future. :)

    Also, hurrah for visiting SoCal! I love living here, but I'm glad I'll be visiting my hometown of Eugene, Oregon next week.

  2. I have heard the expression, but only on TV or in books. I kinda like it, though!

    Um, yeeeah, trust your instincts on the finger paint thing. The little guy would love it, but I can just see him tossing a bucket of it across the room or getting little hand-prints everywhere!

    OK, off to vote for you! :-)

  3. I already voted once. BTW your baby is adorable. Don't buy him fingerpaints. As fun as it might seem...and it really does...he'll eat them. :) You'll be picking them out of his teeth forever.

  4. "Get on the horn"? Sounds like something you'd hear in a brothel.

  5. I voted for you!!!!! Good Luck! posting this on my FB page also.

  6. My dad uses that phrase all the time!

    I say "Hell, YES!!" to the finger paints. That must be the teacher in me talking. I'll try and shut her up with some chocolate.

    Actually, my son had the coolest finger paint soaps when he was little. He could paint all over the walls in the tub, and then we would just rinse it away. If your really brave, you can let him paint with yogurt or pudding, so if his fingers find their way to his mouth, no biggie. (However, I'm fairly certain ALL finger paints are nontoxic.) You're right, he would LOVE it!

  7. I will continue to vote for you as long as you're in it!

  8. I voted! Woot Woot (that's me getting on the horn) Lol

  9. @Deborah: For some reason, I don't really blame you. And I hope you have a great visit!

    @Crystal: Thank you for the image of paint flying across the room. That was exactly what I needed, lol.

    @Laila: Thanks for voting! I hadn't thought about EATING the paint...though, I should have considering he's a toddler.

    @Al: Well...I do live in Nevada...

    @MJ: You are too sweet! I appreciate it so much!

    @Chitown: I am SO glad to know someone else has at least heard the phrase. Haha!

    And finger paint soap?? That sounds brilliant!

    @Timothy: I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, sir! The good news is, there's only one week left at the most.

    @Aleta: Nice work! And thank you!

    @Ruth: Thanks! You rock!

  10. First time hearing that phrase :) Lol

  11. Good luck on being the next idol. Your son seems to enjoy flossing more than he should. :P

  12. Oh my gosh, my husband says "get on the horn" too!! Oye.

    Off to vote now!!

  13. 1. I only voted a few times, I hope that was enough!
    2. I will now use the phrase "get on the horn!"
    3. Don't you just hate fashion-obsessed babies?

  14. really really really need our help. That is one really too much. Nonetheless, I'malloverit.

  15. I'm not sure, but the first phone's mouthpieces looked like a horn. Maybe that is what it means. Or it could refer to the bull horns they used to use...kind of like megaphones.

  16. Get on the horn is definitely odd. My husband calls my blowdryer a "blowcomb" and my purse a "pocketbook." It's possible he's an 80 year old woman in a 40 year old body. He was also surrounded by chicks growing up.

    Wee 'Burb loves finger paints! I get the super easy cleanup ones. I strip her down to her diaper and lock her in her high chair. And then we just go straight to the tub. There's not one part of that she doesn't love.

  17. @Marina: glad I could share a new one with you!

    @DWei: Thanks! He definitely does.

    @Chrissy: I'm glad mine isn't the only one!

    @Sentence: Thanks!

    @Megan: Lol! You crack me up!

    @NowaysJ: Sorry...I'll refrain from excessive use of the "reallys" in the future.

    @Lanita: I never thought of that, but you might be right.

    @Damon: Thanks! And welcome.

    @Stephanie: 80 year old woman in a 40 year old man's body! Love it!