Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm a bad blogger, but will you love me anyway?

Our 12-day road trip (and recovery from said road trip) is totally kicking my butt.  I'm still swimming in laundry, have a stack of business cards to sort through from the BlogHer conference that's a mile high, and am trying to teach my son that mommy only uses smarties to stop him from screaming when he's in his carseat, not just in everyday life.

So, all I've got for you today is a plea: will you vote for me this week in Blogger Idol?  We're down to the top six and every single vote counts now.  Every one.  Yours too. This week's topic was to write about a day in your life as if you were a vampire.  See what I had to say and vote here.  (Voting runs from noon today 'til midnight tomorrow).  Voting for this week is now closed.  Thanks for your support! Check back next week.

I know I've been a very neglectful blogger.  I promise a real post for tomorrow.   I have been trying to read and keep up with all of you - even if I don't have time to leave comments - but later this week, I will be back to my regularly scheduled blogging. Thanks so much for sticking with me!


  1. Awww! Of course I'll still love you! Lol... And I totally voted for you. I knew you'd rock the vampire theme! Hope things get back to normal for you soon. :-)

  2. I loved your post this week... You know I voted for you :)

  3. No, you're not neglectful. I know how it feels. Even though this has been summer vacation and I haven't had to work (HINT: I'm too old to be a student), I've gone on many trips this summer. In fact, tomorrow the family and I head to Virginia Beach for four days (I hear they sell saltwater taffy there). Then, once school starts and I have to work, my carefree days of sitting on my computer/butt come to an end. So, don't sweat it. We'll still be here.

  4. voted for ya'... next year we should meet at Blogher

  5. Oh what a relief, judging by your title I thought you were going to ask me to spank you. Not that I’m not into that, it’s just inappropriate with my family in the room.

  6. Voted for you :) Don't you feel like you need a vacation from the vacation? I can't stand doing laundry after returning home from a trip.

  7. So jealous that you went and I didn't! Next year if you go I will just so we can meet :D

  8. I love you and have missed you. Good to see you back.

  9. Hope you had a great time at BlogHer! Did you learn a lot?! I voted!

  10. Jeals of BlogHer!! :) I think everyones in a blogging funk.. Like a summer itch or something!

  11. @Crystal: Thanks! You are too sweet!

    @Amanda: Glad you liked it!

    @Al: I really appreciate your comment! Thank you.

    @Adriana: Absolutely! I'd love to meet you!

    @Inverse: You're awesome! Thanks!

    @Drake: In retrospect, that does sound a little dirtier than I intended. Ah well.

    @Aleta: I totally need a vacation from vacation!

    @Mary: Please do! We need to hang out.

    @MJ: I love you, too! And I'm glad to be back

    @Texas: Thank you! I did learn a lot; it was pretty amazing!

    @Tiff: I think you're right about that. It tends to happen for me when the seasons are getting close to changing.

  12. We love you anyway, don't worry :) I am going to vote now!

  13. I voted for you too, good luck!

  14. of course we love you :)
    Voted! There's a good post.

  15. Forgot to tell you that I voted yesterday. Good luck!

  16. Yipeeeee! I finally stopped by BEFORE voting ended this week. Just voted, adored your vamp piece--total awesomness!!

  17. I'll go vote!

    You aren't a bad blogger. Real life comes first :)

  18. Of course I voted for you! The only reason posting has been happening in my neck of the woods is because I draft up so many at once and can easily go back and finish them when I'm ready for new material.

    Other than that, you know how I am at reading blogs. I get *maybe* one night a week to do that. We do our best with what we have. :)

  19. I voted for you -- you bad, bad blogger :)

  20. You got it! Can't wait to hear about your vacation. If you would like to do a guest post about your trip, let me know. I would love, love to have you.

  21. oops voting has closed. sorry sending hugs!

  22. late for voting...but still I love your blog desine and contain of it!! following!

  23. God help me, I can barely eek out a blog post... Still! A week later! I'm brain dead. Wanna write something for me?

  24. You guys are all amazing!

    @Marina: I'm so glad to hear you say that.

    @Amanda: Thanks for the vote!

    @Kid Shuffle: You're awesome!

    @Scot Lass: You rock!

    @Timothy: Thank you!

    @Madrassi: I'm so glad you enjoyed the post.

    @My day in a sentence: So nice to be able to count on you!

    @Stephanie: You're amazing!

    @Lindy: Way to go! So glad to have your support.

    @Whispering: Thanks for validating my laziness! haha.

    @My Simply: I really need to get better about doing that myself.

    @Life 101: See, I knew I'd have at least one person who tells me the truth!

    @Jessica: I'd love to do a guest post! I'm going to email you.

    @Katherine: Thanks for trying. There's always this week!

    @Coneforce: Welcome! Glad you like it!

    @Ashley: I'm right there with ya, sister. But I'd write something for you any day of the week!