Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warning: This is a "mommy blog" post

It's August.  That's going to be my excuse for why I still haven't gotten my suitcases put away.  Or cleaned my floors.  Or followed up on a single business card from BlogHer.  But you don't really care about that, do you?

Instead, let's talk about boobs.  Specifically, my boobs.  I'm ready to reclaim them.  It's been nearly 17 months since I gave birth to my little, beautiful baby and started nursing him.  It's been crazy and painful and horrible and wonderful.  But now he's a big, beautiful boy, and his mother is desperate for a full night's sleep.  I know it's been a while since I've complained about sleep, but if you want to catch up, read this, this and this.

I think I've finally hit that point that all the mothers I knew told me I would: I'm ready to have my body back. 

We're down to nursing only once in the wee hours of the morning, and that's just because I'm too lazy to actually get up and start my day at 5:00 a.m.  Letting the boy have the ol' boob affords me another two hours of sleep.  Even still, it's gotten to be too much. 

So, tonight is the last night of nursing.  It's bittersweet, and you'll have to hang in there with Mrs. Sappy Mom this week as I admit that my little boy is growing up, but I'll try not to bug you about it too much.  

Wednesday night, the little guy has to stay over at my mom's house (the first night I'll have every spent away from him) because I have to go out of town to throw an awesome baby shower; expect cool pictures next week.  Hey, you might even get a shot of my soon-to-be Dolly Parton-esque cleavage as my milk tries to figure out that it needs to dry up.  I know you're excited about that! 


  1. He's such a beautiful baby!

    Best wishes for reclaiming your body and getting sleep :)

  2. Kudos to you for going that long. The Peanut and I just couldn't come to an agreement on breast feeding. I had to stop after 5 weeks. Enjoy your new and improved body!!!!!

  3. I don't normally read mommy blog type posts, but this one was all right.

    Check out my math blog.

  4. Aww...I feel your pain. Weaning was really hard for me, and I didn't even nurse half as long as you did. Congrats on sticking it out for 17 months! Wow!

    Your son is gorgeous, by the way!! Keep reminding yourself that when he's throwing a screaming fit in the morning cuz he wants that boobies. :(

  5. I've been thinking a LOT about that but my 17 month old is, well, spoiled for the boob. I keep trying to get her down but - sigh. I've given in... they are hers, for now. Can't wait to hear how it goes! It gives me hope ;)

  6. OK Mama, just act like I'm not a follower :) Just kidding. You have a lovely child. My wife and I never had children, but we've helped raise three nieces and nephews who live next door.

  7. Aww.. I know this will be sort of sad sort of liberating for you!

  8. @Aleta: Thank you! And I hope it goes smoothly.

    @Stephanie: After breastfeeding, I think anyone who makes it even one day is doing a good job. I don't think people who haven't done it appreciate how hard it really is.

    @Admin: Thanks for the ringing endorsement! Haha! Seriously though, welcome. And I look forward to checking out your blog.

    @ChiTown: Good advice. Really good advice!

    @Mary: I will keep you posted. You are a rockstar for still going strong!

    @Life 101: See, I know who my real friends are! From what I know about you, your nieces and nephews are lucky to have you in their lives.

    @Tiff: You're so right! Liberating, but sort of sad.

  9. aww...your baby is ADORABLE!

  10. I wish you that reclaiming your body goes well and smoothly both for you and for him :)

  11. Awww, best of luck to you, Mama! I can imagine it's one of those bittersweet things - on the one hand, it's nice to have your body back, but on the other hand, it's tough to realize your baby is getting older. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's a smooth transition! :-)

  12. Aww, good luck.

    I know that can be hard.

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  13. Those pictures are just too cute :D

  14. Your baby is adorable. You'll miss him on his first sleepover. Good luck in drying out those boobs. :)

  15. Aww, Mom! I'm sure this is a tough, tough time for you, but I can only imagine how badly you must seriously want your body back.

    I've obviously never breastfed, having no children of my own, but it must pull a lot of energy out of you.

    Take those boobies back! ;)

  16. I wish you get back your body and i hope your child got his right and enough nutrition from nursing. Today many stops nursing children very early unlike before, which last for nearly 3 years. My mom used to tell she breastfeed me for quite 3 years and ever after she stops thought feeds me without milk to put me asleep.

    Have a nice day. hope he stay good with u r mom.

  17. @Timothy: Thanks. I like him.

    @Marina: Thank you for your positive thoughts and good wishes! It's gone pretty darn well so far.

    @Crystal: Thank you. And you nailed it. I'm ready, but I'm not ready. But, really, I'm ready.

    @Whispering: Thanks for the encouragement. And whoo hooo to free stuff! I never win anything! You rock! (Too many exclamation marks?)

    @Inverse: Glad you enjoyed them!

    @Laila: I did miss him. And thanks!

    @Jessica: Boobies are mine! And I'm glad for that!

    @Madrassi: It is interesting how different cultures and different time periods view(ed) breastfeeding, isn't it? I'm proud to have stuck it out this long (which I feel like is pretty long here in the US).

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