Monday, January 2, 2012

Did you know that U is for Umbrella Bird?

Well, Christmas has come and gone.  On one hand, it's hard to believe it happened so fast.  On the other, I'm surprised it ever ended considering we celebrated three weekends in a row with various different groups of our family and friends.  Turns out that almost-two-year-olds are highly in demand around the holiday season.

Overall, I'm declaring Christmas 2011 a success.  Though, as always, there were a few hiccups.  My favorite mishap of this year was this:

Looks fairly harmless, right?  Just a boy playing happily with his shiny, brand new laptop?  But, take a closer look.  You see anything weird? 

I'll give you a hint: read the bottom line of letters.  That's right...some genius put the W and the U in the wrong place.  Which means that U isn't actually for umbrella bird, W is.  On a side note...anybody know what an umbrella bird is? 

Anyway, I got a good laugh (right up until I returned this failure of an  educational toy), but I do have to wonder how many of these laptops made it into the hands of unsuspecting parents this year.  I hope it was just a fluke, but I worry about other kids who many not have parents who play with their toys more than they do  are as scrutinizing as I am that will forever be confused about the location of U and W in the alphabet. 

So, on their behalf, I uant to uish yow a very Happy Neu Year and all the uell uishes in the uorld for 2012!


  1. Two fails in one with that toy - the typo and Umbrella Bird. *sigh*

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    Oh, by the way, I made your Oreo balls - they are amazing!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. That photo's actually so cute, it's great to hear you guys had such a great Christmas though. Here's hoping you guys have an awesome 2012!

  3. At first I thought dyslexic worker, but than realized if that were the case more letters would be mixed up.
    Quality control was not doing their job!
    Kiddo had umbrella bird on her Go Fish cards. Looked like a big bird, that's all I can tell ya.

  4. Oh my gosh!! Did you happen to notice where that toy way made??

    Well... I had to go look up the Umbrella Bird. I've never heard of one!

    "The umbrella bird is found in Central and South American rainforests and is one of the largest birds in the cotinga bird family. The umbrella bird features several unique identifying characteristics."
    Read more: Umbrella Bird Facts |

  5. That's hilarious. Good for you for taking it back. I'll tell you what an umbrella bird is if you can tell me what an X-ray fish is. One of Peanut's toys features this rare creature.

  6. Holy crap! Babe got this SAME EXACT laptop but I didn't notice any U/W mishaps. Crap, now I have to wait until late tonight before I figure it out. (It's hockey night which means no time until after hockey and dinner are finished. Sigh.) Did I ever tell you I'm impatient? I will be sure to check this out and report back though. Thank you for being a good mom and finding these things! :-)

  7. Want to know something strange? I have that same computer in purple and the letters are in the right order (I just checked). I wonder how it happens that some were right and some wrong.