Monday, January 23, 2012

I think I'm making my kid neurotic

Last night, it snowed.  Now, I love the snow.  I love waking up to my city blanketed in a soft, peaceful white snow.  I love making the first footprints in the backyard.  I love how fresh and clean snow makes everything feel.

But this year has been....disappointing.  We've had all of 1/4 inch of snow since October.  Maybe.

So when I woke up to snow this morning, I was so excited to get Little Spaghetti out into it.  He's been pretty excited the two times he has seen snow so far, so I was just grinning thinking about how cute he was going to be when he looked out into the yard.

"Look! Look!" I said to him, "SNOW!"

He looked out the window, looked back at me and said definitively, "Poop."

"What?" I said, utterly confused by the fact that he wasn't just giddy over the snow like I was.

"Poop!" he replied, insistently.  "Poop!"  He pointed out the sliding glass door.

Sure enough, there on the pretty white ground, the dog had left a little brown present for us.

"Yeah, yeah, ok.  I see.  Jackie pooped.  But look at the snow!"

"Poop," he said.  "Accident.  Mama! Help!"

And that was all he'd say.  Over and over.  Until I went outside and picked up the poop. 

As I was out in the freezing snow, wallowing in my disappointment while I retrieved the poop, I reflected on what had happened.  I'm a big enough person to admit that he *might* get a few of these tendencies from me.  He likes things to be just right.  He doesn't like to be dirty.  He makes me wipe his hands while he's eating.  He picks up little fuzzes of the ground and proudly brings them to me.  He goes to other people's houses and asks for a he can dust their furniture.

My conclusion?  I might be making my kid neurotic, but if that's the worst thing I do in this great parenting experiment, then I think I'm doing alright.

*Just to be clear, when I say neurotic, I mean it in the light-hearted Urban Dictionary way, not the clinical or disordered Webster's way.  I don't actually think my kid suffers from diagnosable neuroses.  Thanks for the concern, though.*


  1. We had snow this weekend, too. We also had a little brown "present" in the yard.
    But, it wasn't from the dog.
    Mrs. Penwasser is so hacked off at me.

  2. At least you know he's not going to have any weird fecal fetishes when he grows up.

    ...I knew this girl in college.... never mind. It grossed me out then, and it grosses me out thinking of her...

  3. My mother just always says that "we hope they turn out a little less dysfunctional than we did."

    That's how you know you did it right. :)

  4. LOL well it's cool... i have an obsessive clean one over here... we can arrange a few marriages.

  5. Mine was like that when he was small....heaven forbid should he see a french fry on the floor at McDonald's! He outgrew it - now he is such a slob that I wonder if he's mine.

  6. Congrats on getting snow guys! I understand the cleaning thing too, I'm neurotic as well.

  7. Bring him over! I think I am due to dust my living room.

  8. lol! At least you know where he gets it from!! Hopefully it'll come in handy in a few years when he's in charge of cleaning up his room.

  9. LOL! I hear ya, I know my "special quirks" have rubbed off on my children. My son in particular. He absolutely refuses to walk around the hour barefoot, just like his momma. He won't let his feet hit the floor in the morning until he has shoes on.

  10. So funny! It is better to be neurotic than boring!