Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elephants, firetrucks, and the Easter Bunny

We officially move out of our house this weekend, but 98% of our stuff is already packed and in a storage unit hundreds of miles away.  We're living with a couch, a little table with a couple of chairs, a mattress on the floor, five plates, four cups, and a play tent.

At first I wondered how we'd survive.  But now, I'm reconsidering whether or not I need those hundreds of boxes of stuff that I painstakingly packed.  Perhaps the spartan lifestyle could work for us.  I've contemplated not paying my storage unit bill and hoping I see everything I own end up on an episode of Storage Wars.

And then my toddler wakes up, and I'm quickly reminded why we need eighty thousand toys and six couches to climb on.  Packing tape and mom as a human jungle gym gets old really fast.

Anyway, as I walk through the now-empty rooms of my house, I start to get a little sad and a little nostalgic.  So, I looked through some old videos to cheer myself up, and I found some pretty good ones.  I thought I'd share a couple because, let's face it, the fact that I'm taking time out to blog while my toddler runs in circles in an empty room with a concrete floor means this one's gotta be quick.

Elephant is a really hard word when you're 15 months old. (Last July)

Who wants to make boring cow and sheep sounds when you can make way cooler sounds, like a firetruck?! (About four months ago).

Turns out the Easter Bunny's alright after all.  High five for the win! (Two-ish weeks ago).


  1. These videos are so cute Lisa. Best of luck with the move as well, here's hoping everything goes smoothly and I don't see your belongings being showcased on television any time soon!

  2. Awwww! Those were too cute! Good luck on your move!