Monday, April 16, 2012

If you're going to lie to your kids, look around first

I got an email today that said, "If you've still got Easter Eggs, here's 10 recipes to help you use them up."  Newsflash: Easter was more than a week ago.  Screw recipes, if you've still got Easter Eggs, you should throw them out.  Particularly if they were the ones that were hidden under the couch for six hours before someone found them.

But then I started thinking...if a popular parenting site can still talk about Easter, it means I can still share my super cute photos and the very important parenting lesson I learned during this year's Easter Egg Hunt that I haven't had time to post.

This was our first Easter egg hunt, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  When we got there, they made all the kids line up by age group and wait until it was time for their hunt to begin.  In theory, that's a great idea - very orderly and efficient.  In practice, keeping hundreds of toddlers standing within inches of bright, shiny Easter eggs and making them wait for more than ten minutes...not so much orderly.  More, whining kids and pleading parents.  Lots of crying and flailing.  But there was one mom in particular who caught my attention.

While we were standing, waiting, the Easter Bunny came up onto the deck of the building nearby to wave to all the kids.  A few feet away, an excited little girl started shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! Easter Bunny!!  See the Easter Bunny!"  The mom, who was trying to wrangle at least one other kid and an infant, was digging through her diaper bag for something,  "No, no, honey.  The Easter Bunny's gone.  He had to go home."

"Mom! Easter Bunny!" the girl whined and pointed.  "No," the mom continued to insist, becoming more and more frustrated by the second. "He was tired.  He had to go home, honey.  We're not going to see him again today!"  You can probably guess what happened next...full-on temper tantrum.  But, really, who can blame the girl?  It's confusing when someone tells you that you can't see something that's standing right in front of you.

And so I learned a very important parenting lesson.  Every parent tells little white lies to make their lives easier, but it really pays to look around first.  Otherwise, the kids learn pretty fast that you're pulling one over on them.

And now, Easter 2012 - all the highlights, just for you.

 Oh! Look! There's my basket in that tunnel.

Hey! Who's dumb idea was it to make me crawl through this tunnel and hit my head to get my basket?

It's alright, a couple pieces of candy, and I won't even remember hitting my head on that stupid tunnel.

Nothing says spring like hundreds of brightly-colored, candy-filled eggs spread out on the cool green grass. 

I lied before.  Nothing says spring like being mobbed by a hundred toddlers all trying to grab the same brightly-colored, candy-filled eggs spread out on the cool green grass! Who doesn't want to welcome spring with a little chaos?

Turns out that the firetruck the Easter Bunny arrived in is way cooler than the bunny and the eggs.

My mother loves Thanksgiving Dinner.  So, sometimes she makes it for Easter, too.  This year, though, she had a package of pastel bunny marshmallows and decided they'd be way more festive for the sweet potato casserole than plain old white ones.  Appetizing, huh?

Easter suit?  Oh, I thought you said running suit.  My bad.
There you have it.  Happy belated Easter to all!


  1. My friend did the glow in the dark hunt on Saturday night. 100 glow sticks shoved inside plastic eggs along side jelly beans. Good times. Her back yard looked like a landing strip.

  2. The Easter egg hunt sounds like some serious fun to me Lisa, awesome post as always.

  3. And that was why we always had our own, private Easter Egg hunt....I couldn't deal with the chaos! But your little guy is super cute in his suit...errrr, running outfit.

  4. Your little guy looks so cute!
    That's an interesting looking sweet potato casserole. I could see my mom doing something like that or my MIL.

  5. Umm, he grew up. When did he get so BIG?! Happy belated Easter to you too! :-)

  6. You know how to make me laugh. But you do give good advise. We all should look around before we get caught in a lie.
    Love the pictures.

    The burnt peeps though was a bit frightening
    Your baby is so cute.

  7. LOve the little suit with the kicks! So cute. Also, YUM, that casserole looks amazing.