Monday, April 30, 2012

Mommy Fail #212: Trusting my toddler with snacks

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but life has been busy.  Chaotic, actually.  I've been telling myself, "just another week or two and it will slow down."  Then a week or two goes by, and I tell myself "next month will be better.  We'll have a better handle on everything."

You know what,  folks?  That's a load of crap.  It's never going to slow down, and I'm never going to get a better handle on everything.  The truth is that I used to be better at just accepting the chaos and going with it.

I was looking back at my blog posts over the past year or so, and I really like some of the things I was writing.  One of the things I've missed are my "Mommy Fail" moments.  They're a prime example of reveling in the chaos instead of fighting and resenting it. So, I'm bringing them back.

Mommy Fail #212: This weekend, I was in the middle of doing something important when my toddler started pestering me for a snack.  In frustration, I went to the cupboard, pulled out a box of crackers, and handed it to him, and then  I went back to what I was doing.

A few minutes later, I checked in to see how he was enjoying his snack. was gone.  I don't mean the crackers, I mean the whole box.  I've searched high and low, but I finally had to accept the fact that there's an entire box of Wheat Thins missing somewhere in the house.  That's what I get for trusting my toddler with snacks...lesson learned.

What about you? Do you have any good Mommy Fail (or Daddy Fail or Life in General Fail) moments?


  1. MY son's allergies have been wicked since the pollen started. His cough has been horrible. I have really been lax in making sure their room has been clean. Last night I was downstairs (they have a basement bedroom) and helped him clean. Like move the furniture, identify what the hell that thing is, and vacuum type of clean.

    The dust bunnies about jumped up and waged a war. No wonder he's been hacking up a lung. I was loading him up with medicine instead of running a vacuum.


  2. That's a really funny story Lisa, I guess kids really can do crazy things, even if you only turn your head for a couple of seconds, it's really important to always be vigilant. You're right that life isn't going to slow down for a very long time so make sure to just enjoy it while you can, you only live once after all!

  3. I'm always moaning about where was blogging when mine was small - but the truth of the matter is this; when he was small there would have been NO TIME for blogging (yes, he was that busy). I'm sure there are still "surprises" all over the house we lived in then that the owners are finding now....17 years later.

    Slow down and revel in the chaos. Before you know it you will be sending that little darling off to college (*sob* mine is leaving in the fall).

  4. When the kids are babies, they are simple. No yelling, no running.
    They start walking and talking and it gets busier from there.
    Until they are pretty much self sufficient and you miss doing this or that for them.
    I used to take Kiddo's toys and put them up when she was bad. Just for like a week or two. Except I'd forget and months later she'd ask where something was. I did that a lot.

  5. Your husband is soooo going to find that box one day and be like WTF? :-)

    And yeah, I have so many Mommy fails it's hard to pick just one! I could do with a little less chaos, but yes, it's really best to just ride it. I have to remember that!!