Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We are officially homeless! And, our nursery revealed (after two years...)

I sure never thought I'd be happy to say I was homeless.  Nonetheless, it's some of the best news I've heard in days because it means our house is sold.  It's been six weeks since we accepted the offer, but we're finally done.

I drove past my old house one last time when I got off work last night.  There was a U-Haul truck in the driveway, and the new owners were already moving their furniture into my house.  Sorry...their house.

I thought I was going to be upset when we finally left, but sitting in traffic, waiting for a green light, watching the windows of my house fill up with new people and new lives, I only felt a tiny bit of sadness.  I guess the fact that it has dragged on for seven months helped.  I've already grieved leaving our family's first home, and I just didn't have the energy to feel anything more about it.

Selling a house has not been fun.  I suppose it helps if you're not in a depreciating market.  And it helps if you're not crazy.  I can't even tell you how many times throughout this process I thought I should just get my real estate license so I don't have to deal with real estate agents in the future.  I hated not being in control; that more often than not, there was nothing I could do but sit and wait for news.

There were miscommunications.  There were hangups.  There were deals that fell through.  There were times I checked my email every twelve seconds while I waited to hear from my real estate agent.  There were days my internet search history was filled only with desperate questions that I asked Google as if it were a Magic 8 Ball: Is it bad if I haven't heard back from a buyer on our counter offer after three days? If someone comes to look at your house three times, are they going to make an offer? Why do real estate agents suck so much?

Let me assure you, Google does not really know the answer to any of these questions.

There was even one day that I got a terrible nosebleed that I'm certain was caused by stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

But we survived.

When my husband took the new job seven and a half months ago, he moved 300 miles away.  That means our marriage has been long-distance for more than half a year.  That I've single-parented during the weekdays for all these months.  That one of the first phrases my baby learned to say was, "miss Daddy."

I had to keep reminding myself that there are people who do this all the time.  People like military wives who stay home raising kids while their spouses are deployed.  I've got nothing but respect for those people; I don't know how they do it.

Still, we survived.

We've got another couple weeks until our new house closes and is ready to move into (hopefully...fingers crossed).  In the meantime, Little Spaghetti and I are staying with my parents while my husband crashes in his buddy's one bedroom apartment.  

These are the experiences I never could have foreseen five years ago when I said, "I do," to my sweetheart.  These are the trials that I couldn't have prepared myself for. Yet, I find myself feeling lucky.  Though I didn't know what I was looking for at the time, I managed to marry a man who is willing to grow with me through these challenges rather than away from me.

And then there's our sweet baby boy.  His nursery was one of my favorite rooms in the house.  I remember picking out the paint color and planning the details while I was still pregnant, anxiously wondering what it would be like to have a real live baby living in that room.  I've never shared those photos, but I think I will today. I may not be sad, but I am feeling a little nostalgic. 

The color scheme for the room came from this fabric I fell in love with called "Iced Giraffes."  I bought yards and yards of it, and my mother-in-law sewed it into crib sheets for me.

I love his crib.   The wall letters were a DIY project, decorated with scrapbook paper.

The little chair was one my dad made for me when I was little.  Hugh really enjoyed pulling books off his bookshelf and "reading" them in his little chair.
The giraffe growth chart vinyl wall decal was one of my favorite elements of the room.  I had my husband cut a sheet of plywood to the size of the decal, then I painted it the same color as the walls.  I put the decal on the board, then mounted it to the wall so that if (ha!) we ever moved, I could take it with us and not have to leave the growth chart behind.

There you have it.  

Also, I guess the cat's out of the bag on my son's name.  It's Hugh.  And, before you ask: Yes, Hugh like Hugh Hefner.  Of course we named our son after one of the world's greatest playboys.
( <--That was sarcasm.  Just in case you couldn't tell.)  


  1. I love that you did the wall letters yourself! Awesome!

    I'm sorry that you are homeless but hopefully everything goes smoothly with the new house and you can move in soon!

    And this post gives me a reminder of one of my mommy fails. I've never given my kids a proper "nursery." Babe has butterfly decals on her walls but that's only because my mother insisted. I'm no good at decorating, even for my babies.

  2. That's good news your house sold. So many people are having trouble doing that these days.
    Nice nursery.

  3. I'm glad you aren't all sad about this. I've lived in my house for 18 years now, and I still feel a twinge of pain every time I drive past my old apartment. :( I know, I'm a dork.

  4. You envision your future while you are saying "I do" and isn't it funny how reality never seems to match up with your dream.

    Congrats on selling your house (yes, it IS stressful) and I hope you get all moved in to your new home soon.

  5. We were homeless once 18 (oh my God) years ago. I was due to transfer from a Navy base in Maine and we had to sell our house while the getting was good. The market back then was pretty bad (sounds familiar?) and we pretty much sold our house for what we bought it for. This meant I had to use my paid-off truck as collateral for a loan to square things up at closing. The good news is that we didn't take a bath on the sale (which we would have if we weren't able to sell it). We couldn't find an apartment for the next few weeks, so Mrs. Penwasser and our son lived with family out of state while I lived on the Navy base. The few days before we moved into our apartment was spent at a friend's house. Where did we put all our stuff, you may ask? In one of those Jack Rabbit storage units. Yuck. Wasn't fun, but, like you, we survived it.

  6. I'm so glad to hear everything has worked out and you've managed to sell your house Lisa, here's hoping things in your new home are even more awesome, congratulations on sorting this all out and best of luck with everything.

  7. So cute. I love nurseries. They snapshot the ideal we all had before they could walk and talk on their own.... and then later hang angry birds posters over a gigantic hole in the wall that their friend made with their head while playing basket ball in their room. *sigh*

    Have I shared too much?

  8. Selling/Buying a house is enough to make you want to chew nails. Glad y'all survived. The nursery is/was just wonderful. Now you get to do another!

  9. Your housee was beautiful, as your next will be. The nursery was fantastic, but it would have had to change with Hugh (who I'm still convinced you named after my grandfather ;-) ). Life is all about new adventures and I'm excited to see you and your sweetie together again (almost!) where you will continue your lives in your fabulous new house. I'll be back in Elko in a few weeks, so let me know when you need moving help. And any more DIY projects :-)

  10. I never decorated for a nursery or the kids' rooms. Of course when my son was born, we were living with my parents. When he was 6 weeks old we moved to Winnemucca and his "room" was the laundry room... yep... he was in the same room with the washer and dryer. It was the only place we could afford. When his sister was born she was in the living room until we moved when she was 10 months old. The four of us in a one bedroom house that didn't have a single hallway in it. Each room connected directly to another room.

    I'm sure your new house will close quickly.
    You'll be decorating a new room before you know it!

  11. The growth chart on plywood is brilliant! It's not an if on us moving, but a when...over and over again. Sorry you've had to go through this but think about the stories you'll be able to tell your little guy when he is older. Definitely an adventure!

  12. You did it. Amazing. I like Hugh fantastic strong name. Moving selling buying never fun. But hang tight.

  13. Holy crap am I behind on your blog! Congrats on everything - especially Hugh!!! Love the name :)