Monday, September 3, 2012

Ten thousand days

Today, my friends, is my ten thousandth day alive.  I think that's way cooler than a regular old birthday.  I was going to throw myself a party, but we just got home from vacation a few hours ago, so that was out of the question.

But, I think I'll celebrate with a rum truffle brought back fresh from Barbados.  And maybe I'll drink the one beer left in our refrigerator.

I can tell you what day 10,001 will hold: grocery shopping.

So, Happy 10K Day to me!  Want to find out how many days you've been alive?  Try this.  Because, really, you never can have too many things to celebrate.


  1. This is actually awesome, ten thousand days is an incredible achievement Lisa haha, thanks so much for sharing this, I had to bookmark it!

  2. I am 964 days older than you! haha! That is pretty awesome! Happy 10K!!!

  3. I was loving this until I actually did it myself and found out that I hit 10,000 in 1999, confirming my suspicion that I am older than EVERYONE. Congrats on your 10,000th--I will hit 15,000 in May--perhaps you could meet me at the home with rum truffles? Have a great day!