Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mommy Fail #256: Teaching my toddler his letters

I think my toddler is getting dangerously close to becoming a "preschooler."  I'm not entirely sure where the line is...  Come to think of it, I had this same issue when I started calling him a toddler.  When exactly do kids stop being babies?

Anyway, he's learning stuff and doing more things all the time.  So, we practice.  Counting, alphabet, colors.  The other day, I decided to try to help his learn to write some letters.  "O" was the first letter he'd learned to recognize in books, so we started with that.  And he did pretty well.

In no time, we were ready for the next letter.  I went with "H" since it's the first letter of Little Spaghetti's name.  His Hs aren't as recognizable as his Os, but they're not too bad.  When he started trying to draw on his fingers with the pen, I decided it was time to move onto something else.

As I sent him off to play with the pillows off the couch (the only thing that keeps his interest for longer than 45 seconds despite the fact that he has mountains of toys in his room), I sat back to admire my son's new writing skills (and, of course, my awesome mommy teaching skills).  And it looked like this:

It was then that I realized that they very first word I'd taught my son to spell was "ho."  Now this is one for the baby book.

P.S. Lest you think my son is a child genuis, he didn't trace those letters...that was me showing him what he was supposed to do.  His Hs and Os are marked on the drawing, but I'm not sure anyone other than his mother would count them as real letters.