Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of Easy Homemade Christmas: Wedding Memory Bulb

I save a lot of things with the intention of making a scrapbook.  You  know how many scrapbooks I've ever made?  Zero.

So when I saw this idea on pinterest, I knew I had to do it. Not only will it be a great addition to the tree, but it means I can feel a little less guilty about the fact that I never actually do anything with all my things I mean to keep.

Wedding Invitation Christmas Bulb

You will need:
  • A wedding invitation
  • A clear glass bulb
  • Scissors
  • And a pencil
Start by cutting up your wedding invitation.   Cut it horizontally so that you can still read the words.  At first, it felt totally wrong to be cutting up my wedding invitation, but I pressed on.  And I'm glad I did.

Then curl each strip around a pen or something.  Sometimes the curls weren't quite curly enough for me, so I'd pull them tighter after I took them off the pen.

 Look at all those little curlies.

Then stick them all in a clear bulb.  I love that you can read different bits as you turn the bulb.  I mentioned before how the thing I love most about Christmas is taking in all the little things, and this ornament fits the bill 100 percent.  I know that each Christmas from now on when I pull it out of the box, I'll turn it over in my hands and smile as I see "2007" or "St. Joseph's" or "daughter."  Each words conjures up a different perfect memory from my wedding day.

 My little sister got married this fall, and her invitation included a pretty leaf and a ribbon.  I wanted to preserve the whole thing, so I also shredded up the leaf and then tied the ribbon around the top.

It turned out really nice.

I made one for my older sister, too.  Here they all are, each one pretty and special in its own way.