Monday, December 17, 2012

12 Days of Homemade Christmas: Felt Christmas Tree {Free Printable Pattern}

You'll have to forgive me for this one - it's not exactly an ornament.  But, I made it in an effort to protect all of my other ornaments from abuse, so I'm going to count it, even if it's a little bit of a stretch.

I originally saw this idea over at Johnny In a Dress. The lovely momma over there said she made it to give her kids their own tree to decorate and redecorate as many times as they wanted.  It sounded perfect to not have to keep re-hanging my own ornaments.  So I made one.

And guess what?  It doesn't work worth a darn.  I mean, Little Spaghetti does enjoy putting the ornaments on and pulling them off.  But it in no way keeps his little mitts off the real tree.

Even still, it makes a nice decoration for the back of our front door.

I didn't do a step-by-step tutorial, but I did make a free pattern.  I'll give you the basics of how you do it, though.

You need:
  • A yard of green felt
  • Ribbon
  • Miscellaneous other felt - I had various colors and some patterned felt
  • Magnets
  • Hot glue
I cut my yard of green felt into a big triangle about 37 inches at its tallest point and 31 inches at its widest.  I hot glued a brown rectangle to the bottom for the trunk.  Then, I glued eight magnets to the back, spaced evenly around the outside edge.  I have a steel door, so the magnets mean the tree hangs perfectly on the door.

(Yes, I know you can see the magnets on the front of the tree in this picture.  I was just makin' sure it worked before I glued a whole bunch of them to the back.)

Then I made my ornaments.  They're all on the pattern.  You can see how I decorated them in the picture, or you can come up with your own designs.  All you do is hot glue the dots and lines and waves to the front of the bulbs.

For the holiday lights, I glued two or three of the bulbs onto some thin ribbon.  Originally, I'd glued a whole bunch on a long ribbon, but unless you want your child to feel the very real frustration of untangling Christmas lights for their fake tree, I'd advise against it.

I threw in a couple of fun ornaments: a frog and a fish.  I figure part of what I enjoy so much about decorating my own tree is looking at the fun little baubles, so Little Spaghetti should have a couple special ones of his own. For the details, I just drew them on with a black sharpie.

And that's it!  Here's the pattern (click on the jpg or download the .pdf here).  Hey, it's not high-tech or fancy, but it works.


  1. Im making this for my grand daughters! thanks!