Monday, December 24, 2012

12 Days of Homemade Christmas: Photo on Wood Block

Day 12! I'm so glad I made it.  Though I thought about giving up more than once, it actually seems like it wasn't all that hard in retrospect.  Maybe I can get a hang of this whole blogging thing again after all.

Several months ago, I came across this video tutorial for how to put photos on wood blocks, which I think is a pretty darn clever idea.  I've been wanting to try it, especially after our fun family photos a couple weeks ago, so I decided to incorporate it into my homemade ornament bonanza.

I love how the photos look on wood, and you'll never guess how simple a process it is.

I told my husband to cut me a shape out of wood; I left the type of wood and the shape up to him.  He brought me this:

That'll work.  I've also got my pictures printed out to fit on my wooden shape and my gel medium (bought it at the craft store in the paint supplies).  I have a regular inkjet printer, and I used regular printing paper. If you print words, keep in mind that they'll be backward on your ornament because of how this project works.  Only if you can print in mirror image will they be right.

Next, spread gel medium on your wood.  This was probably the hardest part...not because painting the gel medium on was hard, but because when I went to the craft store to get gel medium, there were about two dozen options, and I had no idea which one was right.  I finally just picked one and didn't look back.

Once your gel medium is on the wood, place your picture face down onto the ornament.  Then leave it overnight.

The next day, you'll need to scrub the paper off the ornament.  Use a wet sponge or rag to wet the paper and then rub the paper until it comes off.  Rub gently or you'll risk scraping off the ink entirely.  My camera, unfortunately didn't record the pictures during this part.

Once all the paper is off and the ornament is dry, paint over the photo with some mod podge.  Then you're done.  Like I said, it's surprisingly simple to get the photo onto your wooden shape.  

And that's it! I think this would be an awesome way to keep yearly family photos.  I might make one a year on different shapes, and by the time our little man is grown, we'll have a whole set.

I hope you're all enjoying your families and your holidays.  I'm wishing you all the best.  Enjoy!


  1. Love this, it looks absolutely amazing! Here's wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas, enjoy it Lisa!

    1. Thanks! We did have a nice Christmas. I hope you did, too!

  2. Did you not post a picture of the finished product? I'd like to see it all done :)

    1. That is so weird! I swear this was published with multiple pictures of the whole thing done, and I have NO idea what happened to them. I even pinned one of them from my blog to pinterest, so I know they were here at one point. I'm so sorry!

      Thank you for saying something, though, or who knows how long it would have been before I noticed...