Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Days of Homemade Christmas: Tiny Personalizable Book {Free Printable}

It's the small things.  That's what I have the fondest memories of from my own childhood holidays.  Many of the ornaments I've made so far have been new versions of my old favorites.  But for this one, I wanted to create something that my own son might have great memories of.  So, I made him the star of his own Christmas story.  A tiny Christmas story to hang on the tree.  A little book we can pull down each day and read together.

I'm going to declare this one a success: As soon as I got the book done, he made me read it to him three times.  Then he made my husband read it. When my husband read the first line, "One snowy day, a little boy named Hugh was playing in his yard," my son proudly declared, "That's me, Dad!"

And, I've made a free printable version of the story so you can personalize it for your own kids.  Or know, we all need to be stars sometimes.  I made a girl version in addition to the boy version so nobody would feel left out.

Start by printing out the file.  It's two pages, designed to print two-sided (well, it mostly lines up).  Or you could print it out and glue the pages onto each other.  Whatever you want.  There's a file for a girl main character and one for a boy main character.

Here are the files:  Girl .pdf, Girl .doc, Boy .pdf , Boy .doc

If you use the .pdf files, you'll have to write the name into the story yourself (or use a pdf editor).  If you use the .doc file, you should be able to edit the file and type your child's name into the story.  But, I know that sometimes word documents get a little funky, so I'm not guaranteeing that it will work.

Next, cut the pages out, put them in order (the page numbers should help), and fold them down the middle.

I wanted a leather-bound book to put in my library that smells of rich mahogany...but all I had was this red pleather-y stuff . It works, though.  So, cut your cover material a bit bigger than your story.

Next, hot glue the long edges of the cover material down.

Then glue the short edges down.

Next, sew the pages into the cover down the middle.  Remember to leave a loop on the top end of the binding to hang your ornament.  I used gold thread because I like shiny things.

Cut out the title image and laminate it with packing tape.  Then cut it out again.

Sew your title image to the front cover of your book.

Sew a length of ribbon inside each cover.  You'll use the ribbons to tie the book shut while it's hanging on your tree.
And there you have it.  It's pretty darling.

There's the inside.  It's such a fun little book.

As with all of my printables, if you have questions (or problems or find typos), feel free to email me (spaghettiwesterner at gmail dot com).