Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick as dogs...

Where did that saying come from anyway?  I've never met that many dogs who were particularly sick. 

Anyway, we're sick over here.  Well, most of us.  I'm not (*knock on wood*).  At least not yet.  But I've had a feverish, unhappy, non-sleeping little guy for five days now.  So, you'll have to excuse my absence.

But I'd really like someone to explain to me the math behind how sickness causes the amount of laundry in a household to multiply exponentially.  I think we have more laundry laying around right now than we had clothes to begin with.  How?

Thankfully, we've got some antibiotics as of this evening, so I'm hoping things look up soon.

Not so thankfully, this means we've had absolutely no progress on the bathroom.  And here I'd promised myself that we'd have a functioning tub and shower by today.  Ha!

Also, it's going to be -15 degrees tonight where I live.  It is so cold.  So. Cold. 

So, friends, my wish for you this evening is to be the opposite of the Spaghettis: stay warm and stay healthy.  I'll be back shortly.


  1. We have so far avoided a lot of what's been going around. Amazingly so. We had temps in the 60's yesterday. We're getting snow tonight though.

    Looks like the January thaw is over. :(

    Stay warm... hope everyone's better by now.... including the bathroom!

    1. I hope you can stay healthy! Keep warm, and hopefully you don't get too much snow.

  2. Sorry to hear that everybody's ill right now Lisa, hopefully you continue to avoid it, stay safe guys.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog (a bench with a view) and your comment; hoping you all are feeling better by now! Its a law of average with laundry; not sure how it works, but at the most inconvenient times is when it grows and multiplies. Cold weather too! Wow, I was complaining when it was 55 degrees here earlier this week.


  4. I was sick the whole month of January, December wasn't that much fun either. Sorry I have neglected to comment. hope you are feeling better.

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