Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DIY Flower Stand

A few months back, I hosted a bridal shower for my little sister.  Pink was her favorite color growing up, and I thought it would be appropriate to go all out with the girliness and go crazy with pink.  But, you know, in a classy and grown up way.

I never got around to posting about the shower, but then I started seeing all these cute Valentine's Day things on Pinterest.  I immediately thought of all the pretty pink from the shower and decided to dig out the centerpieces I made to decorate our table.

So, I thought I'd finally share the tutorial I made for these super cheap, super easy centerpiece stands.  They turned out even better than I'd thought they would. 

You'll need a drinking glass, a square ceramic tray, some epoxy or household cement, little rings (I used some jewelry parts - I think they're called jump rings) and spray paint.  I got everything but the spray paint at the Dollar Store.  You'll also need something to decorate with - I used a crystal garland.

Start by squirting some of your epoxy onto the bottom of your glass.

A nice big glob works well.

Then put the glue side of the glass down on the bottom of the tray.  Try to get it as close to centered as you can. 

 Next, epoxy your rings upright onto each of the four corners.

Then get some weight to press down on the glasses to make sure they really stick.  I used paint cans.  It was a little precarious with a toddler around, so I hid them in a closet shortly after this picture was taken.  Let the glue fully cure - mine took 24 hours. 

 Once the stands have dried, spray paint them.  I went with white.  It took a couple coats.

 They look much better all one color.  I also put a clear coat on them at the end, just to be safe.

Attach your crystal garland to the jump rings on each corner.  There you have it! Cheap.  Easy.  And oh so pretty.

I made some quick flower pomanders to sit on mine.  I just picked up some styrofoam balls, cut a slice off one end so they'd sit flat, and stuck silk flowers into it until the styrofoam was completely covered.


  1. Why do you not live next door to me so that I can pick your brain for stuff like this?

  2. I LOVE the way these came out. The crystal garland makes it look so much more fancy, love love love.

  3. Wow! How did you come up with this idea?! I love it! Never would have thought to use a regular drinking glass for the stand base. Came out beautiful.

  4. Hoy cow! So classy and cheap! My kind of decorating. Just love it!