Monday, February 4, 2013

Where have I been? And a bathroom preview.

I fell off the face of the earth!  Or so it feels.  We got sick (as I mentioned)...strep throat.  And it was yucky. 

Then there was the little matter of having torn apart our bathroom.  It feels like I've been doing nothing but working on that bathroom, day in and day out.  Minus the weekend we went out of town to go to the spa and get massages.  But I wouldn't want you thinking I have any fun around here, so I'll just blame the bathroom.

And now it's February.  FEBRUARY!  As my dad would say, "WITH happened?" (Which apparently means "what in the heck happened."  He's got a thing or two to learn about texting, but he's trying.)

Any who....the bathroom is so close to finished.  I mean so very, very close.  Sure, there's no toilet.  And no sink.  No mirror.  No toilet paper roll.  No shower head.  No faucet.  No drain.  No door. 

But we are so very, very close. 

It will be done by Friday.  It has to be done by Friday so that my in-laws can come visit.  And I'm guessing they won't appreciate a bathroom without a door. 

So I'll leave you with a preview:

Yeah, I know.  That's the world's worst preview.  It's not really even a preview.  But it is our list.  Or as my engineer husband labels it, it's our "Sequence and Materials: Hall Bath."  See how many things are crossed off the list?  A lot.  That's how you know we're getting close. 

So very, very close.  And I cannot wait to be done.  Do I sound anxious?  I am.  You know, just a little.