Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Like a cheese stick

"Mom, take a picture of my peanut butter
I've you've ever had a child or been around kids, you already know that kids are hilarious.  I mean, there was a whole TV series hosted by Bill Cosby about kids sayin' the darndest things.

But, until living with a three-year-old 24-7, I never realized that the hilarity is so frequent.  Kids not only say the darndest things, they say them all the time. 

So, today I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite Little Spaghetti moments from the past couple weeks.  Short story-style because most of them need no further commentary.

 We were in the car and that song by Far East Movement came on, "Like a G6."  Little Spaghetti started singing along, mostly just indiscernible sounds and not real words.

Until the chorus, when he started singing loudly and clearly, "Like a cheese stick, like a cheese stick!"

He woke up from his nap a few weeks screaming. 

I ran into his room and asked him what was wrong. "Mommy! Help! I ate a Fraggle!" he said.

I guess that's a perfectly reasonable assumption
We were leaving the store and driving out of the parking lot.  There were some pigeons on the road in front of us.  Little Spaghetti said, "Mom, are you going to run over those birds?"  

"No," I responded, "it would kill them if I ran over them."  

"Why?" he asked...because he's three.  

"Our car is big and heavy, and those birds are small.  There's no way they could take on a car like this," I explained. 

"Well..." he said, "they're just going to have to eat lots of foods to grow bigger and stronger.  They need to eat more clouds!"  

You can never have too many compliments
Little Spaghetti was drawing outside with chalk, but after a few minutes he came back in, saying it was too cold out.  

"Wait here," I said, "I've got something that might help."  I went downstairs,  knowing that we had an easel that's a chalkboard on one side.  It was still packed - like half of the stuff we own - and buried in the storage room in the basement. 

He saw me coming up the stairs with the chalkboard, and shouted, "Mom!  You're a genius!"  Hey, I'll take it.

As long as you never call me that in public
One of Little Spaghetti's favorite movies is Despicable Me.  Consequently, when he wants something, he now says, "Minion! Get me some water!"  


  1. Birds eating clouds is such a cute thing for your son to say Lisa, it's crazy the things that kids say, this is so cute.

    1. Sometimes I have no idea where he gets the things he says, but they are awesome.

  2. Minions... Ironically, that's why I had kids. Sadly... it's not working out too well for me... as I am still the one doing all the cooking/cleaning/service work.

    1. Lol...if only that worked! I wish! I'd have a dozen of them.

  3. Kids are hilarious! And I'm still envious that blogging wasn't around when mine was small.

    That last one floored me. I've decided that is what I will start calling my husband.

    1. As long as you don't tell your husband that you got it from me :) Haha. I have such good intentions of writing down all the cute memories and things I know I'll forget as my kids grow, but I never do. Thank goodness I occasionally blog some of them, so I'll at least have a few good memories.

  4. I cannot convey the amount of joy it brings me that he calls you Minion! That is just too awesome!!! (And I'm surprised my kids haven't started saying that to me, that's one of their favs too!)

    1. It really cracks me up. When he first said it, I though, "I should probably not let him call me that." But it's just too dang funny, so I let him do it.