Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day DIY: Drip-Painted Pots and Chocolate Flower Bouquets {Tutorial}

Now that Little Spaghetti is getting big enough to really do some arts and crafts projects, I've decided it's legitimate to pawn off his "masterpieces" as gifts.  That's fair, right? So, this week we tackled Mother's Day.

And the results are pretty darn cute. First, we made ombre poured-painted flower pots:

Here's how you do it.  Get some terra cotta pots. A cute helper is nice if you've got one around.  I used 4-inch pots.

I put my pots on random cans of vegetables to keep them up off the table and let the paint drip off of them.  Then I put cardboard underneath to catch (most of) the drips.  After I took this picture, I had a stroke of genius and wrapped the bottom of the cans in aluminum foil so that my cans didn't end up soaked in paint.

Next, get your paint.  I'd originally seen these pour-painted pots on Dilly-Dali Art in rainbow, but I decided to try for an ombre effect.  I gathered different shades of yellow, blue and teal - the cheap ones from the local craft store at only $0.69 each.  (Also, try to buy white paint on the first trip to the store instead of two bottles of fabric medium like it I did...)

Then you pour.  Basically just squeeze blobs of the different colors onto the tops of the pots and let the paint drip over the sides.  The holes in the bottom of mine were sealed, but if yours aren't, you probably want to put some tape over them so the paint doesn't just flow through the inside.

At this point, I stopped taking pictures of the process because it got rather messy, but you can find more images of the process here.  I helped Little Spaghetti get the paint colors in the right order for most of the pots. 

Then I let him do one all by himself.  And, you be honest, I think his pot is my favorite of all.

I let the pots dry overnight, then painted the inside rims and top edge white to give them a more finished look.  Then a coat of clear gloss varnish to seal the paint in case these get used outside and you're done!

Then we needed something to go inside the pots.  So, today you get two tutorials for the price of one! And since that price is always free, this is really your lucky day.  We made chocolate tissue paper flower bouquets:

They're so quick and easy to whip up.  Here's how.

Start with a full sheet of tissue paper.

Fold it accordion-style all the way across.

Cut your folded tissue into four pieces.

Tie some fishing line around the middle of one of your tissue paper sections to bunch it together like so:

Cut the ends into points.

Alternatively, you can cut the ends off round.  I made some of each kind of flower and liked having the mix.

Pull the folds apart to spread out the flower petals.

Once you've spread them all out, crush the middle of the flower to flatten the whole thing out.

Next, get your chocolates.  I used double-sided table tape to attach one chocolate to each side of the flattened flower.  Do you need two chocolates?  Technically, no.  But, come on, what mom doesn't need two chocolates...

Once your chocolates are on your flowers, you have to add your stems.  I used some bamboo skewers I had in the kitchen cabinet and just cut them to length.  I put a glob of white glue on the end, and stuck it to the flowers between the two chocolates. 

See how pretty they all are?  I let them dry overnight, but I would have probably used my hot glue gun for instant results if I hadn't run out of glue sticks.

Pots + Flowers = Awesome.

And here's Little Spaghetti's pot all packed up. 

I wrapped it in some cellophane and added a bow.  Wouldn't you be excited to get one of these in the mail?

I wish all of you moms out there a wonderful Mother's Day...and to all you non-Moms, don't forget to give your mom or a special lady in your life some love on Sunday!

What about you? What are your plans for Mother's Day?