Monday, September 9, 2013

{Free Printables} Modern DIY Pink Train Party

I've had such an overwhelmingly positive response to Little Spaghetti's 2nd birthday train party.  I'm so happy that people like my printables!

I've had a few people request that I change the colors.  I'd love to do this for everyone who asked, but sometimes I just have too much going on.  But, a while back, I made some pink and gray train printables that I really like.  They take the printables to a fun, girly level that I really enjoyed.  So, I decided to share them with the interwebs.  Here they are!

Click on each image to download the full .jpg, then save to your computer, print and enjoy!  If you want the train invitations, click here to go back to the original party post.

I didn't make the .doc versions of the printables.  I'm hoping folks can figure out how to put these into word documents and add their own text if they want...but if you can't, feel free to email me (

And, stay tuned tomorrow for another set of train printables!