Saturday, October 12, 2013

I'm proud to introduce you to...

My belly at 39 weeks, 5 days!

Sorry, that was a mean trick.  Pretending I had my baby and all, just so you'd read this post.  Really, though, nobody would be happier than me right now if I'd had my baby, so I can legitimately say I feel your pain.

"It's ok," everyone tells me.  "You're not even at your due date yet."

And they're right.  I shouldn't be anxious.  I've complained before about how "they" start telling you at 37 weeks, "It could be any day now!!"  It's a very, very cruel trick to play on a woman whose last baby was born at 42 weeks. 

And I knew better.  I knew I shouldn't listen.  But I half-believed it.  Or at least I let myself hope it would be true.  That I just might have this baby before my due date.

I know, there's still a chance, right?  << And that right there, folks, just goes to show you what a truly hopeless optimist I am.  With 28 hours left 'til my due date, I'm still clinging to a sliver of a dream that my baby might be born before her due date.

 When will you come out of there, baby??

I'm not actually all that anxious for this pregnancy to end.  We've got a decent thing going here.  I'm getting a good amount of sleep (not enough, but definitely more than I'll be getting soon). I'm not feeling totally huge and uncomfortable.  I get a little stuck like a beached whale if I find myself on my back, but overall I can move around pretty good.  I'm not swollen or itchy or in too much pain. 

As I'm sure you know by now...I'm anxious to go into labor.  Or, more specifically, I'm anxious that I won't go into labor.

I've started googling things like "what's the longest recorded human gestation?" (and i kid you not - the answer I found was 375 days) and "what day will my baby be born" (apparently nobody on the internet is even willing to venture a guess). 

But mostly, I'm trying to be patient.  I'm trying to enjoy the days we have left. I'm telling myself that she will be here - one way or the other - within the next 15 days.  

 I'm trusting her, and I'm trusting my body that we can do this

In the meantime, there's a whole package of Oreos calling my name...


  1. Oh, Sista Girl, you are just GORGEOUS!!! You look ravishing and radiant in these photos. Pregnancy really does agree with you.

    I can't wait to meet Little Spaghettina. And, yes, that WAS a mean trick! >:(


  2. I don't find it a mean trick at all Lisa although it did have me thinking the birth had came, your bump is so neat, just great to see at such a late stage that you're still looking so radiant, best of luck!

  3. You are adorable! And I hate you for not being bloated or itchy. Mean words are coursing through my head right now but I'll spare you bc you are pregnant and I know enough not to curse out a pregnant lady. After all...I was raised right dammit!

    Can't wait for the ACTUAL reveal! :-)