Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Two Months old. And my mom-of-a-newborn advice.

Holy where has the time gone?  I feel like I have so much posting to catch up on, but the holidays just suck the time away.  In a good way, though. Is it even possible for something to suck in a good way?

Spaghettini is getting so, so big! Well, not really. I mean, she still only weighs like 11 pounds.  But some days I feel like she's getting so, so big.  Her brother was two pounds bigger than she was at 2 months.  I'm not complaining about that, though.  I don't mind if she stays my little peanut for a while.  She's got lots of time to be big.

Anyway, she's actually almost three months old at this point, but I figured I'd share her photos from a couple weeks ago. And maybe some Christmas photos.  Then I'll feel all caught up, and I can start blogging regularly about everyday life again.  Maybe.  Hopefully.

 That's not a joke about Miley Cyrus. It's the truth, people.  There was a time when we would blast "Wrecking Ball" on repeat for hours to keep this kid from crying.  At least, it felt like hours.  I discovered her Miley fascination one day in the car when she was crying non-stop (because she hated her car seat). The song came on the radio, and she was quiet.

The next time we were at home and she started to melt down, I decided to give it a try, though I knew it was probably just a coincidence.  Sure enough, as soon as she heard Miley's voice, Spaghettini stopped crying.  It worked almost every time.

One day, we were driving to visit my parents, and I had to pick my husband up in a town about an hour away.  So it was just me and the baby in the car.  She started crying (because, as I mentioned, she hated her car seat).  I turned on the radio in hopes that some music would help, but had no luck.  After a little while we were out of the service area for the radio stations (it happens more than you might think when you're in the middle of the desert driving across Nevada), so we were listening to radio static (and baby screaming).

I went to pass a semi-truck, and all the sudden, "Wrecking Ball" broke through on the radio.  And she stopped crying.  For about ten seconds until it faded back into static as we moved away from the truck.  I'm still convinced that the trucker was listening to the song on some radio tuner that I picked up, and I seriously considered flagging him down and asking him if he could play the song on repeat and let me drive next to him for the next 70 miles or so.

 But the long bouts of crying are (almost) a distant memory now.  Replaced by this happy face. Who can get mad at a face like that?

I sure can't.

Now, my favorite part of this post: My completely unsolicited advice for newborn moms.  For the record, the only advice I usually give people is not to listen to other people's advice (especially when it's unsolicited).  So, you can feel free to take it or leave it, but here it is.

1. I think it's true that you never really can be prepared for a baby (especially a first baby), so I'm a firm believer in "you'll figure it out as you go."  With the exception of one thing, and that thing is: Eating with your left hand.  (Or your right hand if you're left-handed).  Seriously,  I think this is something that you can only get good at with practice, and it's a much better idea to practice at your leisure before the baby comes than trying to get good at it while you're starving and trying to hold a crying baby or nurse your newborn.  For real, your belly will thank you (or me...).

2. It's perfectly ok to do things you said you'd never do and to not do things you said you would.  You shouldn't beat yourself up for changing your mind (even if you change your mind on every single aspect of parenting).  It doesn't make you a bad mom (or dad).  In fact, I think it makes you a good one: you listen to what your baby (and you) need, and you adjust for it.  Besides, there will be plenty of outside influence that makes you feel like you're screwing everything up, you don't need to add to it by making yourself feel bad.

3. There are no stupid questions.  I had done this once before, so you'd think I'd have the basics down.  But I came home from the hospital and for about four days, I couldn't even answer one very simple question: Where do I put the baby? Seriously, where do I set her down?  Everything seemed like a death trap or something.  No surface seemed suitable.  Today, I can obviously very easily answer that question, but at the time I was totally stumped.  I'm going to blame the hormones for this.

4. Find someone who will tell you that you're doing a great job.  If you start to get frazzled or you start to question your decisions and feel like you're surely ruining your child for the rest her life and you've only had her home for three days, make sure you've got somebody on standby to tell you you're doing a great job.  Sometimes all it takes is hearing it from someone else to get you believing it again.

And now, some more photos.  You haven't seen Little Spaghetti in a while, so I don't want to leave him out!


  1. That minion hat is the best!!! :) I envy your ability to take pictures and document... by the time i had Youngest (they were 16 months apart) I was lucky to find the camera, let alone ensure it had batteries. Although, I did manage to scrapbook every month until they were 1 and 3, so I guess looking back I didn't do so bad.

  2. She's beautiful! I so get the "baby hates the car seat" thing - mine couldn't stand his. Funny that Miley works for yours - it was a Winnie The Pooh cassette tape that worked for ours. I don't know what was worse.

  3. You have a beautiful family! Love how you did the 2 month pictures and what she's doing now. Funny about her not liking the car seat. My son will fight naps, but put him in the car and he is out like a light. Take him out of the carseat and no matter how careful you are... he's going to wake up!

  4. Damn, she is gorgeous!!!

    And,YOU Lady, look far too smokin' hot to have JUST had a baby 2 months ago!!! I probably should hate you... ;-)